It was the summer of 2012, in the burning city of Kanpur, when my father decided to plan a trip to somewhere cooler.

The voting began, and in the end, all of us had our fingers fixed on a place, a place with the most beautiful beaches on Earth, Andaman and Nicobar islands.

I was extremely excited for the trip. It was a week’s trip to almost all the islands of Port Blair. So finally it began, the journey to the Heaven on Earth.


Cellular Jail-We started off with the Cellular Jail, popularly known as Kala Paani. A place, that bears a history of a lot of pain; screams and shrieks. You feel as if you can still hear the voices of the prisoners through the walls of the cells, just by looking at its architecture. Such was the brutality and acts of cruelty by the Britishers.
I also attended the light and sound show conducted there at night, and I could feel the pain of every single prisoner that might have stayed there. Tears rolled down my cheeks. That was our first night in the city.

Corbyn’s Cove-The next day started on a cheerful note, we went to a nearby beach, which was crowded by tourists from across the globe. What a sight it was; birds chirping, children playing in the sand and cool breeze brushing my skin! Everything was so mesmerizing. I was all thinking about seizing every moment to create beautiful memories for after!

We spent our next two days visiting all the nearby beaches and capturing pictures and moments as we moved forward.

Wandoor- Wandoor is one of the most peaceful beaches of Port Blair. Everything was so calm and peaceful. One just can’t get enough of it.

I personally recommend this one. With beautiful coral reefs and clean water, this place is the most mesmerizing of all.

Havelock Island- Havelock Island is the most popular tourist attraction and generally is the most crowded one. The main attractions are Neil Island, Ross Island and Viper Island. Ross Island used to be a British headquarter in those days. Though tsunami caused quite a great damage to most of its heritage, the place still holds its beauty. Viper Island, as the name suggests, was once a home of vipers. This island was like a punishment cell for the Indian prisoners. The Britishers used to hang the prisoners on a rod attached to the roof there and leave them on their fate.

I remember that when our tour guide was describing all this to us, my mom and I broke into tears. The tales of cruelty are long enough to make you cry a river.

That night I couldn’t sleep properly, thinking about the barbarity of the British army.

The next day was our last day in that beautiful city. Obviously, I did not want to leave. Our people plan vacations abroad but what they don’t realize is that India is the most beautiful of all.

This visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands was a couple of years ago, but the memories of that place are still fresh in my mind, as if it all happened yesterday!