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Hello Mr./Ms/Mrs. Creative
Thousand Miles is hiring new members who are creative, friendly, organised, honest and dynamic in nature. Our team always strives to create something new and fresh for our online readers. We believe in creating content that caters to the need of the society as well as provides fodder for the thinking mind. If you share the same zeal and passion, then join us in our journey of creativity and kickstart your career today. Want to know what we do and how we do? Click here: FUN AT TM


We are in search of 9 in-house columnists/manager mentioned below:

  1. Book Reviewer
  2. Gadget Review Columnist
  3. Sports Review Columnist
  4. Music Review Columnist
  5. Fiction Writer
  6. Political Desk Editor
  7. Recipe Writer
  8. Assistant Editor
  9. Social Media Manager

Kindly read the specific roles mentioned below the form.
General Roles of In-house Columnist/ Reviewer/Manager
Roles of Assistant Editor
Roles of Social Media Manager

Below is the application form provided. Fill in the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

General Roles of In-house Columnist/ Reviewer/Manager:

  • You have to work enthusiastically and creatively for your section you are allotted to.
  • The responsibility of your section will be up to you and you have to either write the article or out-source or collect from your contacts.
  • You have to work in tandem with other members of the TM Family.
  • Our frequency of issues is monthly and we take submission dates quite sincerely. Keep that in mind.
  • Your work will constructively be criticized by the team members and so advance completion of work is a priority.
  • P.S: Every responsibility or work at TM is freelanced for time being.

Roles of Assistant Editor:

An Assistant Editor has to work with the main editor, or an editorial department head, working to write articles or edit articles when they arrive from freelance contributors. Assistant Editor has to pass on orders and decisions from the main Editor to the team in his absence or when asked to, providing support to main Editor or Issue Editor, performing research on news trend, proofreading copy, fact-checking completed stories and writing short articles if and when asked to or needed.

Roles of Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager has to take care of all the Social Media accounts of Thousand Miles INC. You may need to create, shoot and edit videos and pictures. You have to maintain the regularity of posting in all the handles. You should have basic skills in video and picture editing like Corel Draw, Photoshop, InDesign, Sony Vegas Pro, etc. The work as a Social Media Manager will also include performing research on news trend and update the following. You also need to work along with our Creative Designer at times.

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