Kishan Kumar was married to Ananya one year back. They were happy couple since they married. They used to go to park every weekend near by the town centre and had wonderful evenings at palacious hotels tasting palatable foods. They loved each other more than anyone. A better-half is what, for Kishan, Ananya was an only example and vice-versa.

It is after Kumar joined a IT job, their life took a U-turn. They started questioning with each other on silly topics. Hardly, they had dinner together after his joining. He became too busy to have time with her. He was too absorbed in his work. So, the relationship turned a huge change. Seeing each other’s face was like hell to them. They separated their bedrooms their kitchens and finally separated from each other until Ananya came up with divorce papers and kept on Kishan’s study table.  Kishan prayed to god. He asked to God to make beautiful like before.

Kishan couldn’t do anything to his broken relationship. He stared into the divorce papers and her memories haunted him like anything. He knelt down the floor with nostalgic past pinching him inside. He cried and cried whole night. It was morning 8 AM. A clear sunny morning. Kishan woke up with the papers in his hand near the table on the floors as the mobile phone started ringing. He picked up the call. It was the call from his new personal doctor.

Doctor Sanghi : Hello, Mr. Kumar

Kishan: Yes, doctor. Good Morning. How come you called me so early this morning? My reports came, I guess?

Doctor Sanghi : Yes, it came. Can you meet me today?

Kishan: yes why not! Something critical Doc?

Doctor Sanghi : It will be better if you can meet me.

Kishan: hmm… Sure, will definitely do that. By 10 AM?

Doctor Sanghi: yaa. Perfect.

Kishan visited her cabin on the following day. Doctor Sanghi was constantly gazing to those reports of Mr. Kumar.

Kishan: Hello doc! how are you?

Doc Sanghi: Your reports are critical Mr. Kumar. We need to do some more tests I guess!

Kishan: What happened doc? What’s the matter?

Doc Sanghi: You need to be strong… You are in first stage of blood cancer, Mr. Kumar.

Kishan: O! My god! how many days I have, doc? please tell me.

Doc Sanghi: Don’t panic. We could do some thing, Kishan. please listen to me.

Kishan: How many days I have? tell me…

After a long pause, Doc. said something he had never expected. He had only 6 months in his hand to live on. He took the papers and said nothing. He came out of the cabin. He sat down the white polished bench near the pharmacy of the hospital. He starred to the reports that were marked in red ink implying positive. He looked down the ground and passed his fingers through his hair to feel somewhat good. An old man cleaning the floor with a broom looked at him. Kishan too looked at him and bade a smile with tears in his eyes.

Old man: What happened, son?

Kishan: Chacha, I am dying soon! My reports are telling…Old man: is it! Who is your physician, by the way?

Kishan:  Doc. Meera newly appointed here is examining me.

Old Man: o! She might be new here. Don’t worry son! Pray to lord, he will listen to you. I am sure.

Kishan: How can you be so sure, chacha?

Old Man: Because, I have believed in God and loves us all, my son.

Kishan: May be, he loves me little less. I am stuck with Cancer and my wife is getting separated from me. I am all done, Chacha. I am finished. I thought, when our relation is going into pieces that, ‘Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better…’ But now, I feel totally opposite. My wife does not know about my Cancer. She is staying away and going to marry again a new guy. I carry no meaning to her now and my life carries no meaning to me now.

Old man: Son, Do not see, how many moments are there in a life, see and count, how many lives are there in a moment. God bless you, son.

Kishan looked at him continuously until the old man was visible beyond the door he passed by. Kishan stood up and reached his home which was more a house than a home without her. He knew that he ruined his life. Kishan started rejoicing last days of his life. He attended various tests and various medications as prescribed by doctor Sanghi. He tried his level best. He visited many places and many temples and saw people caring their lives and family more than their earthly possessions. He learnt, without family everything is meaningless. Just nothing. Ananya was feeling the same on the other side, but she could not go back to her pathetic life as wanted a new life of freedom and peace. To collect the undersigned divorce papers, she visited him after three months and a quarter. She went there and saw the house was inter-locked as since Kishan was visiting some new places and was learning things. She stood in front of the house door and dialled kishan’s cell phone number.

Ananya: Yes, Kishan, Where are you? It has been three months, you haven’t signed the papers!

Kishan(with heart full of emotions): yes, sorry for that, I will be right back by tomorrow, Ananya. I promise, ou will get the papers.

She cut the line and turned down the door to outside. As she was about to turn, she saw some papers boozing out of the papers holes down the front door of the house. She picked up the papers and she was shocked to her observation to the papers. It was some medical letters from doctor Sanghi stating his health conditions deteriorating day by day from cancer. A tear fell down her cheek. She left the papers in the same place and went home with have heart full of pains and emotions.

She came back the following day to him and saw Kishan smiling with the papers in his hand. “Welcome, Ananya, your papers are ready with all undersigned. It is just a step left to get it done.” Kishan said.”Are you alright, Kishan?” She asked.”Yup! I am all fine. Do not worry.” Kishan smiled and replied.”Yesterday, I saw your medical papers. Why haven’t you told me anything?” She asked.”What to say, Ananya! I am just dying and does it any more matter to you? He said.”What?” She replied and ran to him and hugged him tight with eyes full of tears.

The other day, they visited Doctor Sanghi and the couple tried their level best. Yes, you heard me right. They again started liking each other, caring each other. The things were getting like before, like earlier they used to be. Both of them realised each other’s importance. She defied the other guy she was hanging. She just wanted to be with Kishan until his last breath. She was also dying inside her soul, she prayed God and kept praying.It was just a month left for the predicted time period of Kishan’s life to end. The loving couple again decided to re-visit Doctor Sanghi. As they approached, the same old man smiled at him. He smiled too. As they entered the cabin of Doctor Sanghi, a new doctor welcomed them.

Doctor: yes, come in.Kishan: thank you. By the way, where is Doctor Sanghi?

Doctor: I am Doctor Sanghi. What happened

!Kishan looked at his wife and Ananya too starred her.

Doctor: Anyways. Your Gastric reports are getting better. You will be well soon Mr. Kishan.

Kishan: But I was having Cancer! not Gastric!

Doctor: what! You must be kidding Kishan!

They took the report and came out and was surprised by the game of nature. They were wonder-stricken. Kishan went to the pharmacy and asked about the old man sweeping the floor the other day. The pharmacist laughed and said, ‘sir, you might have seen some ghost. All the sweepers here are young and middle aged guys. No old man. you might be confused.”

The couple went to home and opened the report file. It was indicating regarding his minor gastric ulcers and nothing else. As they tuned all the papers in the file, Kishan found a letter saying:

 Dear Kishan and Ananya. It is me, the one you are praying to. You might be confused how come the doctor got changed, where the old man is and how come cancer turn to gastric. Yes, you both have misunderstood each other. To value life, I have to create this drama, you were never into cancer, dear. It is a human nature, unless you lost something, you start caring for it. So, this happens. Everything is alright dear. Love each other and value life more than anything.  Do not see how many moments are there in a life, see and count how many lives are there in a moment. It will make you both happy. Yours dear Sanghi, or the old man or anyone you have prayed so long. I can be anyone, just remember that!”They came out of the room and hugged each other amidst the rain. 


(pics courtesy: google image)