Beneath the cherry blossom, the heart sings her joy;

Blowing into the cotton grass she creates her own clouds of white;

Bouncing and happy she skips the puddle of wet greens in the wood;

My little girl, you are stronger now.

Her deep wounds have healed and so has her soul.

The demons of her past have been defeated by her white knights;

Yes! She kept the knights alive somewhere in her dying heart,

Yes! She survived the maul of the dark demons.

The clasp of the claws were not strong enough to perish her little mind.

My little girl, you keep shining on!

I know she still has a vague picture of him in some cornered maze of her mind.

“A dear Uncle” he was, a prince straight out of a faraway fairyland.

His lurking sinful desires hurled her budding body against the thorns of lust;

Slowly and quietly eating her in and out;

And leaving her to rot in a pool of blood.

But then, here she is today…

beneath the cherry blossom.

Looking at me with the brighest of eyes,

reading me tales of a faraway fairyland.

My little girl, you keep living on!!


Picture Courtesy(Source): Wtop