Environmental degradation is increasing day by day. We all have heard, read and discussed it in our classes or in any of the environment-related speeches. But are we really concerned about it? Think for a moment, no, right?

This is the era of ‘ten-year challenge’, where people are posting picture that they took recently and one that they took ten years back, side by side, just to see how they’ve changed in the span of time. But you will be devastated to see the variation in the environment in these ten years. This article won’t scare you about environmental degradation and leave you stunned, but will just give you an insight of what really is going on. Our Prime Minister has taken many initiatives for a better environment, like to throw the trash in dustbins. I don’t understand how graduates, post-graduates and sometimes doctorates fail to understand this; Trash should be thrown in bins which a toddler easily understands. Is this the successive evolution of the human brain in its educational years?

There is no use of anyone working in an MNC or earning millions if one doesn’t have such fundamental values. So from now onwards before throwing anything anywhere, think that an illiterate person would do the same so don’t have such pride of whether you are a teacher, doctor or banker.

The authentic Indian culture has always respected the nature in all possible ways and that is vanishing with time. The food residue is for stray animals, on our terraces water and food is kept for birds. Our old clothes are given to the people who need it or can be used to either clean the floor. Many people make fun of these transferring clothes from one person to another or if it’s used for any other household chore but it is extremely environment-friendly because if we throw clothes with other trash it takes many years to decompose completely. So the reusing or passing of the clothes is extremely environment-friendly and though if you give your old clothes or things to the one who needs it, you become something of a humanitarian. So keep doing it and don’t stop because it’s exactly what is needed at this moment.

We all are slightly privileged we all got to go to restaurants or cafes where we order what we want to eat but sometimes, well, most of the times there is some leftover. So have you ever wondered where all the remaining food goes?Generally, it ends up in bins. So what little effort we can make is to either ask them to pack then give it to any stray animal or human who needs it. And there are some restaurants that don’t throw remaining food in bins they give it to someone who needs it, so what little effort you can do is to ask at least. This can be done in homes too, mothers do it often but what about the people that don’t stay with their family like the person studying somewhere else or working. Our little effort of collecting the remaining food and giving to someone can fill someone’s hungry stomach that hasn’t eaten maybe for days.

One more very crucial thing is that before throwing anything one should think thrice whether this can be of any use to anyone around me or can I give it to someone who needs it. Because the best way to go friendly with nature is to reduce our needs and reuse the thing we can. Let’s coexist.

“No invention of mankind has ever surpassed the beauty of mother earth.”