Until the next, one complete rotation of the earth about its axis its 14th Feb., people all over the world call it valentine’s day and celebrate with their beloved ones. What would be the worst thing that can happen just a few hours before this auspicious day? Hide someone’s cell phone and you will see the most practical reaction in the world, let someone lose his atm-card and the next day your facebook profile will show an accidental notification “Lalu change his relationship into being single”.
Everything in this world is dynamic and the magnified version of this mechanism is actually cyclic, it repeats itself after a certain period of time without the knowledge of the individual. By saying this I would like to emphasize on old Bollywood films which still inspire people to love but once, and the famous explanation goes in this way “we born once, we will die one time and so we love one time and only one”. The true expression and the most confident voice continues to hypnotize many such sweethearts and the most possible relationships fails and results in depression, tension, sleepless night and other disadvantages, and still people call it sacrifice but I feel this is an absolute nonsense. Now, at this time if you are striken by the immortal dialogues of Romeo and Juliet like “give me my Romeo back and take his body when he is dead and cut him into pieces of stars, then people all over the world will be in love with the stars and forget to worship the mighty Sun” then the situation just created will became a void.
The world is actually balanced every moment; the happiness of one man is sometimes outcome of the tragedy of another man. We are often influenced and triggered with shots of words around the world about relationships and happy life psychology theories… but mistakes are the most fortunate game that continues when the lessons of past are dumped with garbages of illusions and unreal colors of life. Now we have learnt a lot and we have experienced a dozen, nothing so new that world can teach us, Aren’t we the hypocrites of the present generation? The only valid solution to save our healthy society is to be faithful and loyal to our “la belle” so and advance a sweet prosperous life. So, let us accept what life has given us and wish for a happy life neglecting the odds.