Hot! The temperature scaled to 48 in the Celsius scale, most of the people of “thai thai” (name of the countryside where Dikki and Pikki resides) use to keep their doors and ventilators open during the night for a pleasant sleep. Meanwhile, the gang of Dakku Vairav Singh and his domestic dogs found a secret place to hide near the countryside on the mountain caves. On those days’ people were even more frequently shopping and decorating their houses for the forthcoming festival and were returning late night and the market place of Laughing Town remained undoubtedly busy and crowdy.
Scene 1:
It was a beautiful evening and the sun appeared like a big red balloon decorated in the lower sky in the far distant, while both Dikki and Pikki set together over the bridge back on their haunches throwing their legs downwards like the noodles hanging from the well decorated dishes. Surprisingly, both of them were quiet! Guess why? They were busy dipping their fishing rods into the water, and waiting for a trap.
Pikki: (in a low voice) hey, let’s go, we will check tomorrow.
Dikki: wait fatty I can see a Thai’ approaching.
Pikki: huh! Thai don’t look cool in aquarium; I would rather prefer a tiger fish instead. Dikki lets go..its too late.
Dikki: I will go but if you get a thai fish then I will take it and if I get a tiger fish then we will eat it. (Looking into her eyes doubtfully) okay, tomorrow we will come together. Don’t come alone.
Pikki: (smiled) hmm, sure. How, can I ignore you skinny?

Then both of them left the place and peddled to their homes as fast as they could.
Two gang members were kneeling with pressing the ground with their hands with full respect to their leader, while their leader Dakku Vairav Singh was comfortably seating over them, sometimes he splash on them and sometime he beat their drums. The night was dark while the hunger was high after a full day sleep. The dogs were barking in hunger and were becoming weak day by day.
Vairav Singh: (started in a lazy tone) my dear friends I have a plan. We will neither harm the people nor will we snatch anything from them, tomorrow morning we will sail back to our island.
(Everyone was confused and so no one spoke a word, except dabbur one of the member)
Dabbur: Sardar, our island is empty and almost all our goods are old and damaged, I think we should atleast fill our bags and sail back.
Vairav Singh: (shouted as loudly as he could and his voice echoed all over) stand up, everyone. All are having fun here. Now, I want everyone to go to the river and bring a lot of fish. Today is our last day here tomorrow we will loot the whole village and set back to our homes.
(all the lazy, sleepy and frustrated Dakku’s leave the place at once and went for fishing in the middle of the night when no one can see them.)

A postman appeared in the house of Dikki and delivered a letter. Mr. Rush was surprised to see the unexpected letter which was sent by Mr. Geff.- “The Commander In Chief”
The, letter reads as-
Hello, dikki n piki It’s me Uncle Geff. Hope everyone is doing well. Everytime I write, I write only one that is to my wife, but this time I have sent two. May be after this I will never be writing any, as I am about to retire after five days. You must be thinking why I don’t make a call instead of writing, well this is a pleasant stuff which you can keep with you to remember me, and feel how much I like you all kids. And all this I have to say to my two little friends Dikki and Pikki. Below is a small poetry for both of you. Hope it will energize you in your hard time, in life that you face.
Almighty is here and He is there,
He is there where there is no air.
Never ever fail, face all trail,
Life is a journey, a journey on endless rail.

The tall trees or the crushed grass,
Each will turn one day into the countless stars.
Enjoy and live, spread your wings and fly,
Thousands of miles to adventure, let us try try and try.
  

My address and phone number is on the top of the envelope. Call me whenever there is an emergency I will be there.
Bye, take care!!!
After this both Dikki and Pikki rushed to the spot near the river to see their trap.
Scene 4:
After running so far with a hope, both of the tired kids reached the bridge and start searching their fishing rod which they carefully engaged by the side of the bridge, but it was missing. Many fishermen below were sitting in the bank of the river as they caught few fish that day. Everyone was sad, and the whole scene created a void in the atmosphere.
Pikki: hey, Dikki I can smell a rat. Last night someone must have come and caught all the fish, see all dead fish, scattered everywhere.
Dikki: yah, fatty first time I felt you are speaking something sensible, now we should do something to find out the culprit.
When they were discussing all these stories to consolidate themselves, Dikki found something under his toes. It was some kind of an extraordinary marble sculpted with some unusual symbols. Finding the same Dikki hide it inside his pocket and concealed it carefully. That marble was actually a representation of identity which considers the holder of it to be a member of the gang of Dakku Vairav Singh, and the sculptured symbol magnifies the map of their origin and their complete plan.
Pikki: What happen? Are you doing some magic, you are acting so abnormal Dik..(Couldn’t finish and Dikki shouted in joy)
Dikki: (shouted) come on fatty lets go now, I have many stuffs to do at home today…(saying this Dikki move from the scene to secretly adventure the mystery. )
Accidently, Dikki drop the marble and Pikki saw it and picked it up.
Scene 5:
As Dikki reached home he directed himself to the warehouse and searched for the marble sculpted piece in his pocket, but it was missing. He found the situation quiet uncomfortable and remained pondering about his journey from the river bridge to his home, sitting in the old wrecked unused vehicle but failed to recall anything. Then he saw Pikki entering from the back door with a plane face.
Dikki: (surprised) hey, fatty what are you doing here?
Then Dikki got down and came near her to explain what happened to him and why he was so tensed.
Pikki: Ok, don’t worry your friend takes good care of you. Do you want to see some surprise now…(saying this she took out the piece of sculpted marble and made her friend happy.)
Now both of them were observing the whole piece carefully and then decided to tell the whole thing to Mr. Geff. Then Dikki called their friend Mr. Geff and told the whole story.
Understanding the gravity of the situation Geff called both of them to meet him that day…
Scene: 6
As the night fall the Gang of Dakku Vairav Singh marched towards the countryside according to their plan. Every Dakkus were well armored with knifes and small explosives. On the other hand Dikki and Pikki reached at the said location and they met their friend. Mr. Geff as an expert with his years of experience could examine the Marble Sculpture very well and understood everything. Then he planned a game and told Dikki and Pikki about it. Meanwhile, the Gang of Dakku vairav Singh make all the people of Thai Thai to his captive, everybody was then made hostage and tied with ropes.
The night was preceding and the bags were filling, Dakku Vairav Singh burst with laughter and this made everyone more frightened. All the ornaments and jewellery were emptied from each house apart from the money; some people were even wounded in the situation.
After this long night the day breaks and the Gang prepared to leave the countryside, but as it is said- it’s not so easy to achieve ones goal without barrier. Dikki and Pikki were the barriers on their way.
Scene: 7
Mr. Geff with his army then approached the thai thai village to save the hoistages from the Dakkus. On the other hand Dikki and Pikki set out to the island of Dakku Vairab Singh.
The Army circled the village suddenly Mr. Geff announces to Dakku Vairav Singh to surrender. No reply came from the other side. The Dakkus hide inside the houses with their bags and all hostages. They waited for hours but no solution was found to handle the situation.
Dikki and Pikki reached the island of Dakku Vairav Singh and acted according to the plan. He showed the piece of marble to the islander and enquired to meet the family of Vairav Singh. Dakku Vairav Singh’s wife was pregnant so she was lying on a bed when they reached Dakku Vairav ringh’s house. Dikki introduced himself as a messenger of the Gang and then informed her that Dakku Vairav singh was captured in a town called laughing town, so there is an urgency to send some people to rescue their leader.
Dikki’s demand was fulfilled and as he set out for the voyage the big bell of the island rang which indicate that there is some danger and so the voyagers are called back. When they returned they found that Dakku Vairav Singh’s wife was serious and crying out of pain. Dikki suggested taking her to the hospital at Laughing town. Then they admitted her in the hospital and later took good care of her.
Dakku Vairav Singh was still hiding and torturing the people so the troop of army back step and thought for some alternate plan.
Scene 8:
In this way two more days passed and Dakku Vairaib Singh became the father of a total of twenty nine children, but unfortunately he could not cherish the moment and celebrate his son’s birthday. But Dikki and Pikki managed and took good care of their unknown guest; they decorate and buy sweets for the islanders who came all the way with them. They all thanked Dikki and Pikki, and promised to help them anytime in life.  . The reactions of each genuinely explain that no one had ever showed them so much of love and affection…
The scene at Thai thai village was improving as Mr.Geff was able to free many of the hostages. By this time Dakku Vairav escaped through an underground path with some of the goods that he gathered. Then general Geff freed everyone one by one and got surprised how they were able to escape, however because him major portion of the village was save and the Dakku failed to carry all the loot.
Now, Dikki and Pikki came to know about his escape and felt bad that he could not do well in the operation. By this time Vairav Singhs wife came to know about all this and explained the most probable escape plan, following which they could capture him. At that time she add that-
Wife: We enjoy after we do and suffer, but you people enjoy doing and suffering everything for others, I have learnt a lesson… My father made Vairav Singh Dakku they were ignorant and helpless but now it seems that time had changed.
Now according to the plan set by Vairav Singh’s wife Dikki, Pikki and Mr. Geff forwarded and move out of the room of nurshing home. As they moved out they all stopped and looked at each other. It was Dakku Vairav Singh standing outside to amaze Dikki and Pikki. They got very frightened and began to tremble, but the moment was wonderful and most surprising. Dakku Vairab Singh surrendered everything and accepted his crime. Then he promised not to do such things again.
Later, the gang of Vairab Singh started his fishing business and sends his small kids to school.


THEME: Just help and help, because it really helps!!!