Location: Mayan Hut Cafe

“You know”, she said, “Today I was literally struggling to cross the busy road. You always reach out for my arm while crossing and choose to face the ongoing traffic. But today….” Many at times, our eyes do the talking. And I end up smiling back to you. You tease me; sometimes you treat me like a kiddo when I play “Angry Birds”. But in the midst of teasing and taunting, I find solace in your company; your voice lift up my moods. Gosh!! How can I forget our thumb wrestling sessions? You always made me win, just to stare at my victory smile.

Also while driving, you love listening to the tracks of metal. But that very day I was pissed off with you and to break my silence away, you tuned on the song of “Kabira (Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani).” I remember, I smirked at you for a while, later my anger dissolved and I chuckled.

To you, your HTC phone was always a priority. Once you had choose it over me, I was disappointed; may be a little annoyed; even threatened to sell it on OLX.com. God! How dramatic I was. But I apologize for that, as it’s the only connecting link left between us.

Her train of thoughts got startled by the waiter’s voice, “Madam, your bill.” “Smile an everlasting smile” playing at the backdrop became more audible now. It had been almost a year since you left for United States. And I am here, sitting at the corner table of the same coffee shop where we used to meet up. The interior of the cafeteria and pecking at your favorite ‘molten cake and cafe latte’ are quick enough to overtake me to the past sharing time and space with you.