Have you ever been to Delhi as a tourist or want to be? What do you think? What is usually your itinerary for Delhi? Red Fort… India Gate or Akshardham Mandir? But Delhi is actually more than these well-known places! As you know Delhi is a very old city and remained under different regimes like Tomar’s, Mughals and Britishers so there are many monuments those defines its nature of that time . Here , in this article , I would take you to those places which are not much popular but yes are beautiful and Historical as well .

Mutiny Memorial:

This memorial is also known as Ajitgarh which was built by British officials. It was built in 1862 by then PWD department in the memory of the British & Indian Soldiers who lost their lives during the first Independence war of India in 1857. It is on the road of Kamla Nehru Ridge just in front of Hindu Rao Hospital, near Civil line. This building is five-storey and its base is octagonal. Names of the soldiers are in scripted on all seven faces in Hindi , English and in the Urdu language with the date of their birth. In 1972 , the Indian government renamed it from Mutiny Memorial to Ajitgarh and remove stones which were saying Indian freedom fighters  as “Enemy”.

Adham Khan’s Tomb:

This monument is of Mughal Empire time and is just near to Mehrauli’s bus stand. The 16th-century tomb of Adham Khan, a general of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was the younger son of Maham Anga, Akbar’s wet nurse thus also his foster brother. However, when Adham Khan murdered Akbar’s favourite general Ataga Khan in May 1561, Akbar immediately ordered his execution by defenestration from the ramparts of the Agra Fort. The tomb was built in 1562, and lies to the north of the Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, Delhi, immediately before one reaches the town of Mehrauli, it is now a protected monument by Archaeological Survey of India. The tomb is opposite Mehrauli bus terminus.

Agrasen Baoli : You watched PK movie? Where the main character stayed and the actress met him in the evening. Remember? It was actually a Baoli (Step well) of Delhi named as Agrasen Baoli or Ugrasen’s Baoli. It is at Heli road in Canaught place(CP) and its length is about 60 meters while its width is 15 meters. It’s a nice place to visit if you are in Delhi and want to visit some more attractions which are not as popular as you always read here and there.

Would love to listen from your side so that can produce more little known places of Delhi.