The ‘Pokkar Animal’s Show’ has once again opened their gates for childrens of Laughing town right after 12 years, it was heard that the show was put off due to high intake of animals and less maintenance. But Dr.Nastal invents some sort of medicines which keeps the animals energetic as long as 20-22 days. So, the problem was solved and the fair was unlocked.

 Now, like all other kids Dikki and Pikki were also excited to experience the most exciting fair that “the laughing town” committee had ever organised. The fair included different events like – ‘dogs versus frog’ long jump, crocodile’s tree climbing, lion and tigress group dance, smart monkeys carrying the kids to the top of the tree and many other exciting events.


(Then one day both Dikki and Pikki started for school together on Dikki’s bicycle)

Dikki: (shouting) its too late piggy, we’ll be late now.

Pikki: (angrily) I am already on the gate why don’t you come soon.

Dikki: (then he looked front and advanced) Pikki don’t shake while on ride.

(Then they finally started and crossed the crowded area after a few minutes.)

Pikki: you need to get trained for cycling; you are a very bad rider.

Dikki: shut up. Let me concentrate, and you know I seldom care what you say.  

(By and by they reached the location where brake should be used, for the road was a downhill. Then, Dikki came to know that the brake wasn’t working. Then the cycle gathered top speed and both of them shouted as much as they can like anything else)

Pikki: (shouted) you are a real fool, and you called me piggy so it’s the consequence of your rubbish dirty mouth.

(Then Dikki turn his cycle towards the sand and then the cycle decelerate to halt and then he bring out his most peculiar smile as if he had saved her life. After all this stuff both of them ran to their respective classes.)

Scene 2:

(While some senior boys were on Dikki’s classroom announcing something for a recent boys verses girls’ judo competition, Dikki ran inside quietly thinking that he was unnoticed).

Senior boy: now everyone can move to the ground, the best one will be selected and he/she will be given a free ticket to visit the animal’s Pokkar show.

Dikki: (while moving out) Brother I think its Pokkar animal’s show, but you said it wrong.

Senior boy: (remembering something) wait! Wait! Wait! You entered the class without my permission, huh!

(Then three big boys caught Dikki and tied him on an old unused desk in the corner of the classroom and then they left him.)

 Scene 3:

(The desk where Dikki was tied was an old one, but fortunately there was a mouse inside, which was trying hard to come out. Perhaps in the fight for freedom the mouse cut the rope by which Dikki was tied. And this is how Dikki was freed.)

Dikki: Oh! Am I so strong to cut this? Now let me get out of this.

(Saying this as he ran out of the room the senior boys returned and again caught him. They were all surprised that he got out of it by himself.)

Senior boy: how did you break the rope? Who helped you do this? (Angrily)

Dikki: (confusing but bravely) I did it by myself.

(The big boys then discussed and decided to select Dikki for the judo competition versus girls.)


Scene 4:

{From the girls side Pikki was participating which was a bad news for Dikki, but anyway Dikki know how to trick her so he came forward.}

Pikki: Who selected you skinny? Today I will show you how strong we girls are…….

Dikki: It’s too much that you speak why don’t you fight me.

(Then Pikki jumped upon him right away but somehow, Dikki escaped, and it caused Pikki to fall down, this made Pikki very angry.  She rushed to Dikki as if she will crush him to the ground. She caught hold of him and within a few minutes defeated him for he couldn’t resist his enormous enemy)

Senior boy: With this we announce the winner of today’s judo competition and offer her free ticket to animal’s Pokkar show.

Dikki: (quietly from the ground said-) its “Pokkar Animal’s show.”

 Scene 5:

(The day was over and both of them returned together. Dikki was thinking high how to take revenge on her.)

Dikki: (stopped the cycle) let me cross this uphill I am tired.

Pikki: At-least take my bag, skinny.

(In this junction of task he remembers about the free ticket inside Pikki’s bag, so he again felt something and didn’t hesitate.)

Dikki: (after reaching the uphill) Pikki don’t look this side I need to pee.

(After saying this he slowly got up to the cycle and ran away with her tickets to the streets of “Laughing town”.)

Pikki: (sadly) are you hurt today, I am sorry actually. (As she turned she found herself lonely, then she madly shouted at Dikki and then slowly walked home with mere unsatisfaction.)

(That evening Dikki enjoyed everything there and returned home with great rapture in mind as if he is the top level administrator of cheaters.)

Scene 6:

(Next day at school, Dikki told his adventure to his friend and everyone remark him as the best among them.)

(Then he moved to Pikki’s classroom and saw her very depressed, this thing caused an unparallel and unpleasant situation in his mind, and then he decided to apologize, and moved towards her.)

Dikki: I am sorry pikky; see what I have brought for you….

( He hugs Pikki showing deep regret for what he has done, on the other hand Pikki hold him so tightly that Dikki was breathless as if she threw all her revenge on that hold, and then she left Dikki on ground and left the room.)

–then he said: ah! We shouldn’t show our sympathy to a girl who is such fat. Oh! my back is gone now. I hate fat huge girls. Let’s see next time huh!