Summer vacation! In the morning the clock stroke seven, Dikki was still in the world of fairy tales while it was raining outside. And out of the blue a housefly came from nowhere and it was buzzing around his face, disturbed Dikki had to wake up and start his morning fight. He then got down from the bed and took the pillow and tried to hit the poor insect which was still buzzing around.

Mother 🙁 Suddenly entered) what’s that? (Surprisingly)

Dikki: (angrily) my morning enemy, mom I like to sleep in the morning and it woke me up. I am going to kill this now.

Mother: (sprayed something and the insect disappeared) come son, your mamma loves you so much, today I prepared a special dish for you, go get fresh and come to the dining room. (Smiled and left the room)

Dikki: (in a low voice) ok mamma …

(After sometime in the dining room. Then he had his breakfast and left.)

Mother: (to herself, sitting in the dining table and peeping outside the window.) this boy will not grow up, we need to build up a boundary wall soon.

Scene 2:

Dikki met Pikki somehow that day and both of them seemed to be quiet friendly this time. After all Pikki cared for Dikki even in the worst circumstances. Then both of them were paddling through the crowded market place, while Pikki spotted a trembling man in the far vehicle parking site. She directed the same to Dikki and both of them advanced towards him. GOD! Pikki was so frightened while the skinny little Dikki moved like an army men.

Dikki: Fatty behave yourself, don’t show that you are afraid, keep eye contact strong, he seems to be a stranger, out of this world thing.

Pikki: Huh!

Then they reached near him and the scene immediately changed. That was a wounded man, may be his enemy triggered him a bullet which missed his chest and hit his right elbow. Both immediately called the local people and successfully admitted him to the nearest town medical in the nick of time.

Doctor: Well done kids, you have brought him at the right time. A little more time could have cost his life. He will be all right now, both of you can leave now, but give your details in the reception. Ok.

Pikki: Oh! We should have informed his family by then.

Doctor: Don’t worry kids we already informed. (He smiled and then moved)

Dikki: (calls from back) hmm, doctor can you tell us who is he actually.

Doctor: oh! Kids you have no idea who is he; he is the commander-in-chief of regiment in a province called Jamazong. His name is Mr. Knucklestrom Geff.

Scene 3:

(After a week from that incident.) Dikki and Pikki were playing together in Dikki’s house. While Mr. Geff knocked outside. Dikki’s mother opened the door.

Mr.Geff: Hi. Is it Mr.Rush’s house?

Mother: yes, of course, may I know you.

Mr.Geff: yah. I am Knucklestrom Geff, the commander-in-chief, Jamazong province. Now, may I come in?

Mother: (smiled) Please come in commander. How can we help you?

Then Mr. Geff seated on the sofa, kept his brown bag aside and the formal conversation began.

Mr. Geff: where is Dikki?

Mother: oh! (Surprised) how do you know him? He is inside.

Mr. Geff: (smiled) I travelled a long distance to meet your son. Today after a long time I came to this town, so I have decided to meet my little hero.

Mother: (worried) what he has done? GOD I am afraid,(thinking inside) this little fellas must have done something wrong.

Mr. Geff: no no..That day..(Couldn’t finish)

Mother: Sir, I am very sorry, if he has done something wrong. We couldn’t keep him cling to anything. Now what can we do, (voice changed and was high at nervous)

Then Mr. Geff comforted the worried mother and explained everything, he was very grateful to Dikki, and addressed her to be a mother of a brave child. Then she felt very proud and called Dikki and Pikki to meet Mr. Geff. Both came outside.

Dikki and Pikki (said in unison): how are you now, Mr.Geff.

Mr.Geff: Here is my Dikki and Pikki. I am fine. So Dikki Pikki come sit beside me. (Mr.Geff hugged both.)

Dikki: How did you get here, Mr.Geff?

Mr.Geff: I got the address from the town medical; the Doctor told me everything about you both.

Then Mr.Geff stood up and opened his brown bag, where he bought a variety of chocos and some special gift for Dikki and Pikki, and then gave those to them. And then he bade goodbye and left. Then Dikki and Pikki enjoyed with their new gifts and spent the day with joy.

Scene 4:

After a few days, a rumour spread like a forest fire in the village of Dikki, Pikki that Dakku Vairav Singh is hiding in the hills, on the northern side of the village, who has many evil plans. But unfortunately the normal life continued in the village and no one believed it to be true.

Whereas Dakku Vairav singh was watching the activity of the village and analyzed the perfect regions to carry out his loot and other violent activity to fill his treasury.

Now, will Dakku Vairav singh be able to execute his plan?

Will the normal life of the general public be affected?

What will Dikki Pikki do to save their village?

To be continued…