Diwali, the festival of light. Honestly, the only festival that actually makes me want to get out of my bed and clean the whole house by myself.We celebrate this festival as the triumph of good over evil, hope over despair and knowledge over ignorance.
But there’s more to it that we aren’t aware of. Every single thing that we use or do on this auspicious occasion, has a significance.

(I wouldn’t write anything that would sound cliché)

a) Lamp lightening- Well, we light  the lamps ( also known as Diyas) for basically two reasons. One, it kills the darkness of that night of Amavasya. Two, a more literal meaning, “killing the darkness” of our souls.All the pain, sorrow, grief just fades away when we lighten the lamps of faith, hope, love and happiness in our hearts.

Image Credit: The Hans India

b) Fireworks- Whenever we hear the word “firework”, the image that immediately appears in our mind is a sky full of lighters, crackers, of different and vibrant colors. If we take the sky as our mind, and all the different colored fireworks as different emotions that constantly hinder our thoughts, we’d see that even though there are numerous kinds of emotions, but altogether, they make life beautiful, just like the sky in the Diwali night.

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c) Sweets- No occasion is complete without sweets. And no better day to eat as much of them as we want, as Diwali. Have you ever wondered, why do we gift boxes of sweets on Diwali preferably and not something sour, bitter or salty?
Our ancestors say, “If ever we start something new, we should start it after eating something sweet”, because, it is said that eating something sweet before starting something good, brings good luck, Rightly said. In Diwali, whenever we distribute sweets amongst our neighbours, we start a new bond in a hope that it would last.

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d) Lakshmi Poojan- Goddess Lakshmi, considered to be the goddess of health, wealth and prosperity. We worship Maa Lakshmi along with lord Ganesha, as they are known to bring happiness and peace to our lives. Some Hindus believe, that on this day, lord Vishnu came back to his wife Lakshmi, so, on this day, whoever worships goddess lakshmi recieves whatever is his/her heart’s desire because of Lakshmi’s good mood. Goddess Lakshmi showers her blessings upon all those who worship, and blesses them with physical and mental peace and well-being.

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Now we can see how different meaning each and every thing holds. How everything applies beautifully to our lives. Starting from lamp lightening to distributing gifts and sweets to worshiping gods and goddesses, how we learn from all these small yet important things.

Diwali, is more than just a festival, it’s a ladder, to a better tomorrow.