Hello TMians

How are you all? Happy Bihu first of all from our side and Pohila Baisakh to all my dear friends and also belated Happy Navratri to everyone visiting us.

We are ready with our April Issue on Love and Creativity. We have collected various articles as always. Especially this issue features Tarun: The Man With Musical Fingers, a popular Tabla Player who is doing magic with his fingers. Do read and let us about it.

In the food category there is a special treat for you. Guess what! You have the recipe in detail, just search on. We are going to have a regular food column and travels diary in our upcoming issues.

This issue also features an interview with author Kavita Kane. She speaks about her life, passions and hobbies, etc. Do read and let us know.

Keep visiting us and provide feedback that helps us to grow more logically. Keep reading, TMians, cheers!

Signing off: Editor’s Desk