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How are you all? Did you enjoy the post-summer with a downpour of rainfall? We hope you have a good time this summer and looking forward to the next season as soon as the rainy season ends.

The day of liberation
15th August 1947, India regained its sovereignty, after tremendous efforts and sacrifices. We have read the history of that period and heard many stories of misery through which the country came across to attain this day, and the national flag of our country was proudly raised. Today the people of our country have the different opinion of this day, and many among us don’t believe that we are actually independent, but our country is. Poverty, hunger, slavery still persists in our democratic country. We have the longest constitution in the world in the race of satisfying a large number of population and hence our country is growing abnormally in many sectors. Here anybody can become a politician, anyone can rule, all that we need is our background. Sorry, the poor dialogue has to be repeated once again “the poor are becoming poor and the rich are getting richer”. This is my true feelings and it sustains Indian characteristics “think positively, criticize negatively”. Perhaps this positive-negative combination is driving the mass. If I would have been a historian today, I would have explained how Bhagat Singh, Subhas Chandra Bose, Chandra Sekhar Ajad, Piyoli Phukan, Joimoti and many other freedom fighters sacrificed for this day. [from our mettle man: Mukunda Madhab Dutta]

Chester, we miss you
Our young days had passed listening to the rock music of Linkin Park. The voice behind the band was of Chester Bennington, the lead singer. Whether it is ‘In the end’ or ‘Numb’ or ‘Leave out all the rest’, his voice won’t just leave our memories and our music list; certainly not. His saddening demise where he liberated his own soul with his own self is something we the music lovers find hard to digest. We, at Thousand Miles certainly miss you. May your soul rest in peace, Chester. We all love you.

Floods Everywhere

The reason behind such rainfall does not only record high rainfall but also poor management and less inter-look by the government. Though the present government has sanctioned crores of relief fund and establishment of high power committee for settling the issue of the flood, it is still not in complete resolution. Technology transfer is good, unless there is a development of indigenous technology for such calamities, the country will go on facing such issues. The relief fund is more like a prevention. But prevention is better than cure. We have to find the cure with better indigenous technologies and proper management from the government. For India to become super-power, this has to be targeted.

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