Hello friends!
How are you all? How did the festive events go? Did you all enjoy to the fullest?
It has been always the awesome time for us to experience this festive month. To our enjoyment, Diwali is yet to come. Diwali, the festival of light is always something close to us.
The last month cyclonic period caused much panic to us, the Indians mainly to the eastern and south coastal region of India. But to due to perfect management of Disaster Management team and our defense personnel, we received less governmental loss and loss to lives. Though, it came during the festive event, our prayers and worship to Goddess Durga was so high, that nature has to bow down to our power of prayers. Now the situation is under control by the grace of Goddess.
Lok Sabha Election is hitting the politician spinal cord as the aim of 272+ becomes a very difficult to achieve without alliance as per the recent surveys conducted. No matter what happens, people of India has always wanted a good governance from the party in rule. Every party must know that, this is democracy. It is of the people, for the people and by the people. We make changes whenever we need.
This issue of your favourite magazine Thousand Miles focuses on the theme of ‘best of you’. Despite of hard schedule and difficult attempts, we are yet again ready with our new presentation for you. Hope you will enjoy the contents of the theme this time and let us know.

From the desk of Editor-in-Chief