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A country’s development and advancement in science and technologies had remained a tea time topic since a country is born. A country is measured in terms its economy and the status are flagged as developed, developing or underdeveloped. GDP i.e. gross domestic product is one of such important factor that exaggerates the rise or fall of a country’s economy. When it is said that the GDP has risen 5% then it means that the country’s economy has been also elevated by 5%, likewise when the country’s GDP is negative we call it’s a recession period. When we produce and we buy our GDP rises and this effect of economy, economy factor is probably the main cause that we are buying fuels at much higher rates. Nevertheless we don’t think about this entire factor before buying a commodity, but we just fetch the most fashionable jeans or tees from the market place irrespective of GDP and Economic consideration. Let us now consider a case to further elaborate, suppose an Indian and an American buys an Indian product then the production division of that company has to produce more goods than the population of India, hence there is a chance that the country’s economy gets increase, but if the case is reversed and even the available customers buys a foreign product then the economy subsequently submerges, because GDP is marked by total money spent by the total population of a country that is equals to the total money income by the total number of population.
So, with this I leave my bazaar open for you, think! Keep on shopping and keep marketing. Have a great economic year ahead.

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