Hello Milers ๐Ÿ˜€

It has been long time since we interacted with one another. Happy Monsoons! The smell of new pour near by the house makes you feel that. The feeling is awesome and the most awaited. The spicy and crunchy PAKORAS complete our Monsoonal party. Isn’t it Milers? Your distant relatives might have come to your home to spend the summer or you might have chosen a destination summer near by world famous beaches or in a silent and green lands.

We have chosen this theme (Family, Friends and Fun) to remember our important sector of our life i.e fun with family and friends. When we are down or something has let us down, it is our family and friends we do share with. It gives peace or some kind of relaxation. Always remember that closed ones will always be your closed ones.

Please let us know what do you feel with this issue that we have presented you. Your love and affection is everything in this online portal.

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief