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This month has seen the beautiful day of St. Valentine’s Day as always. This is the day lovers around the world wait for the entire year to celebrate with their bae. The day has its own charm as they say. We wish and hope you had a great one this year. Even if you remain single, who knows what’s coming your way until the next Valentine. Till then read our articles and this time we brought you a theme we all love about: Food and Recipe. Read the yummy articles and have a great time here at Thousand Miles.

The complaint of Hari Prasad to the PMO a few months back was discarded by both ROC and PMO itself which raises questions about the on-going Punjab National Bank Scam of Rs. 11000 Crores. The real culprit behind the scam is Nirav Modi, the business tycoon handling gold and diamonds. The complaint by Mr. Prasad suggested the secret scam that is fouling the Indian Banking system by Nirav Modi by submitting false LOU to the foreign banks for the loan from PNB. The CBI is working severely on it, but I doubt the activity of ED which reported Nirav Modi has 5100 crores of assets when they raided his house and business. The RBI till date could not count the return money from the Note-ban on Indian Currency but ED does it in a day. The question is, are all these report and accusation is just a public show? Why can’t the government could not stop Nirav Modi from escaping from the country! The scam started in 2011during the UPA government and went on going till date in Modi’s Government. Who is to blame? How to catch him back? Those are the questions of the hour! Are the tax-payers money be used for filling up the big gap of money flow due to this scam? Or the bail-in be used for recovering the entire amount?

Like always, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in their recent meeting that has been conducted in Paris this month has released a list pointing-out the countries who are still engaged in money laundering and terror funding. Pakistan, the epicenter of Terrorism has also been included in the list newly this time in the popular category of Terror Funding Countries along with money laundering as from 2011 to 2015, this rogue state has only been included in the category of Money laundering. It is the pressure of US where other countries supported the cause as this country whose name means, the land of sacred has nothing in it that can be cited as sacred and finally given an ultimatum by the committee of the FATF to make following changes and to perform against those notorious activities supporting ‘Terrorism’ before the next meeting of the FATF in this coming of June.

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