Thousand miles, whenever I hear this name the first thing comes to my mind is a journey, a journey of thoughts, a journey of creativity and a journey of changing life. But my personal thought about thousand miles is that it`s a feat and a conquest which is thousand miles away from us. Thousand Miles is an e-magazine which will publish in our website within every three months. Today Thousand Miles became a reality from a beautiful dream and due to the hard work and dedication of our team and the man behind the thousand miles, the captain of the ship Mr Rathin Dutta (founder of Thousand Miles). I still remember the day in CCD, I and Rathin were debating over a coffee about how writing has become a trend in India. Few days after this conversation, I found a notebook in his room. Well to be absolutely true I was blown away by the notebook. The notebook was a collection of short-stories written by Rathin and I think few of them were also related to his own experiences. I started reading the first story, then the one after that and next thing I realised that it was four in the morning still reading the stories. Next day when I met him and told him about his notebook, he was pissed. Well for an hour he was like ‘How can you read that?”. Then he hugged me. I asked him why he didn’t tell me about his writings earlier he just smiled and said he thinks his writing is not good enough. From that day our dream of Thousand Miles started evolving in our minds where we can exchange our thoughts with others. An e-magazine where we can express ourselves fully & we can exchange our creativity with the mass. Thousand miles is the medium through which we can unleash the artist in us. At the beginning it was only two of us and now we are four. Four different personalities who share a common goal of making thousand miles a reality and today with all the blessings of almighty we start our journey with a new hope to create a new milestone.

Let the journey begin in the name of Mahadev, in the name of Allah and in the name of Jesus….


From the desk of the Issue Editor.(Daipayan Bal)