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Even though it is raining in most part of India, yet some places are still dry due to less rainfall. So the temperature along with humidity has become a severe issue. Please take good care of your health and your family. Regularly hydrate yourself and do atleast10-15 mins yoga every day. Also, Do enjoy Monsoon to the fullest and plan a vacation with friends and family in a safe vacation spot as it is flooding heavily throughout the country.

Congratulations to Hima Das:

Indian Sprinter, Hima Das made a mark clocking 51.46 seconds in the women’s final 400 m at the IAAF World Under 20 Championship 2018, in Tampere, creating evergreen history as the first Indian woman to win a gold on track at a major global event. She hails from Assam and she is dearly called as ‘Dihing Express’ in the country after her splendid performance in World Junior Athletics Championships a few days back winning gold for the country. We, at Thousand Miles congratulate her for earning a huge respect for the country with her performance and also we wish her all the luck for her future schedules in domestic and international level.

Maratha Reservation:

Each and every creed of people in any part of the world is trying to upgrade itself so as to be the superior creed among all. They educate themselves and their forthcoming generation and transform to be called the best creed in the world. But in India, the fact is running in reverse. Every year reservation of a particular caste of people becomes a huge issue in India. This month, protests are being held in different parts of Maharashtra by the Maratha community to demand reservation in the government job and education. The protest is in high swing damaging public property and people committing suicide and harming other castes of people. Really, India is a country of hard facts and weird opinion. This has to be stopped or Supreme Court along with the government of India must take a strong stand against this 6 decades old reservation system in India or India will continue to burn like it is in Maharashtra.

Heat Wave From Europe to Japan:

The countries across Europe including Great Britain are sweltering amid the continent’s hottest weather record in last 20-30 years. The high temperatures in all those regions, combined with high relative humidity, have made conditions severe and unbearable for people. The same is happening in Japan. The heat wave from Europe to Japan is mainly due to global warming which is also causing the melting of icebergs in the Arctic Circle. The respective governments have to find out a remedy to tackle this kind of weather in upcoming years. This is only possible if all the countries work on negative carbon footprint like Bhutan which is doing a spectacular job in balancing the equation with nature.

This issue, we have highlighted the fact of ‘Amazing India’ showing various records and facts about India. I hope you would enjoy the articles and photography in this theme. Kindly let us know your views and opinions on it.

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