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Editorial June’18: Mind, Health and Fitness | Words From TM Editor

Editorial June’18: Mind, Health and Fitness | Words From TM Editor

Dear Readers,

I hope the Monsoon is bringing you some help from the summer heat. Please be careful with any vacation plans anywhere in the country as it is heavily raining and causing serious floods. You can use the help of Google Weather and be alert in case you want to go somewhere for official work. Just be alert and safe.

Something inhuman happened in the valley. Two young innocent boys Abhijit Nath and Nilutpal Das were brutally killed by an outraged mob in Panjuri Kachari village, 16 km from Dokmoka town, Karbi Anglong District, Assam. The reason behind the outraged killing was the rumour of the two boys being Child-lifters or ‘Faagadou’ as the Karbi People call it. Unfortunately, this heinous incident only shook the NE India but not entire India. Nation dailies and so-called National Media was busy reporting the abandoned Ex-CM Akhilesh Bungalow and Mumbai Floods which is obvious and a seasonal event. Probably, the loss of human life is the least important than the news of Mumbai and Akhilesh. Or maybe, the incident happened so far away from national capital Delhi, that the national media thought, news of Northeast India is not that delicious to cover and telecast. Personally, I don’t care, because these so-called national media have never cared to cover NE India or tried to upheld its problem to the nation’s attention.

Please do support our National Football Team as you do support your favourite European Club. They are representing your country like our other men who represent India in Cricket. Before winning the Inter-Continental Federation Cup, Captain Sunil Chhetri had to make an appeal on Facebook to request fans for support for Indian Football. We, at Thousand Miles congratulate Team India Football for winning  Inter-Continental Federation Cup and making India proud. We also warmly wish all the luck to the Indian Football team for prestigious AFC to be played in 2019. If you are a real Football fan, it is time to show love and respect to your country’s own Football dreams.

We have dedicated this current issue to ‘Mind, Health, and Fitness’. We believe that, to India to become a superpower, Indians must be physically fit and mentally calm. Therefore, we have worked on few articles and also collected few articles on the same theme aided by Deval’s Photography on the same to raise this issue. We request you to go through the issue and let us know your views and opinion on it.

From the desk of Editor-In-Chief 

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Editor at Thousand Miles. Simple man with legitimate amount of dreams. An NIT Agartala, India Alumnus. Grad man from VTU, Chennai. He is a thinker, writer and teacher all mingle into the curry of dreams. He can be found in Greater Noida these days handling little techno devils.

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