Hello Passionate fellas

We are back with our May issue on the theme of Passion. Passion as we know, is something that we do just spontaneously and with a thrush from inside. We cannot help ourselves by not doing it. We need to do it like we need water to quench our thrust, like air to breathe. It is something we need to live. It is like fire whose aim is continue burn and not stopping until the thing is done. This is something inside fire that doesn’t allow sit idle or being lazy. We become happy doing this. It relaxes us, soothes us and gives us a sense of relief.

There are two picture galleries this issue on the theme of Passion. Do check and let us know. Also check our other contents which we brought to you with due love and care for only you.

Three days back, it was Mother’s day that we are celebrating with all love for our moms. The job of mother is something inexplicable.  She cares us, love us, protect us and do everything possible so that we can be happy. Don’t forget your moms are getting aged day by day. It is not just this day, this is our year round responsibility out of love that we must take care of her need and health. Do remember that. You are here because she brought you in this world.

Please revert us back with your feedback and comments. We love to be constructively criticized. Thank you for your time. Happy Summers!

Signing off: From the desk of Editor-in-chief