Dear Readers,

First of all happy Monsoon to all of you. and Bye Bye Summers!

It is probably raining outside while you are reading our kinds of stuff. So, the monsoon has started its ethereal influence in our dear India. The smell that it delivers just after a complete shower is the most expected ramblings, we- the Indians always long for! In every Indian house, the housewives and mothers are busy in cooking several spicy and salty dishes for their loved ones. The delicious cuisine during any rainy season is Pakori( A typical spicy and crunchy Indian fry dish) with fresh green tea. The effect of Monsoon is so deep that people forget the presence of hot summer days. I would say, why not! As it gives a relaxation from those hot sunny days wandering around our heads. The Monsoon days are the most awaited period for the primary and high school students. Because it not only brings fresh rainy days but also a happy holiday month for them. During the entire month, they hang out with friends and traveled to the country homes of their kith and kin. So, Monsoon times is everyone’s apple of mind, as it ripens, they taste with all haste.

We have covered up the interview of Vishwajyoti Ghosh, the writer/ illustrator of the book, ‘Delhi Calm’ in this issue. The featuring of NGO ‘Dishanjali‘ is another spotlight for this issue as this organization is helping underprivileged kids through food and education. The creative team has worked hard for the gallery pics published on the theme of Monsoon. Please check out our Monsoon issue on the home page. Do share our contents and help TM grow in a better way.

The team members’ active participation in each and every regards is something that we are still continuing with our presentation. Before the next Monsoon comes, we have a long journey to cover up. So, it is our promise that we will continue our job of providing you fresh and true content as the days go on. Just we need, is the support of our fans and online readers, which is very important for us. It is the very thing, we are always receiving from you all. Thanks for all that.

Signing off: From the desk of Editor