Hello friends! How are you all? Hope you are enjoying! Christmas is over but the New Year sensation is on. As usual the places would be covered with snow with cold wind flowing around. The parks are full on preparation for the New Year eve to come with different artists roaming events to events. On the other side the strong resolution are made to be followed from the New Year to come. There are some failures and some success in the last year. Thereby I would say, learn from your failures and keep on your success. Because if you don’t continue your success, there will be many mouths saying that your first success was just luck. Don’t let it happen. Failures are just short period guest. They won’t last forever. They only receive list of fails, whoever tried or are trying something new. If you haven’t failed yet, it means you haven’t tried something really ‘NEW’. So work on your thing, work on your dream, surely and certainly you will attain it. Just you need is the ‘believe’ in yourself and faith in your almighty. So the New Year that is on hold, make sure you do justice to it so that it could turn into your successful year.

As the nation mourned with ‘Delhi Rape Incident’, we at Thousand Miles prayed to almighty for her soul to rest in peace. But her death would not go in vain. We, the people of India are on protest. The government has to implement strong and definite laws in matters of security and protection of woman-hood of our country.  There were several cases recorded with same kind of incident throughout India but no dynamic action had been taken since. So the recent Incident of ‘Brave hearted’ resulted before our eyes. The country India is known for respecting women. We follow modern western styles but our tradition is something that western cultures respect us for that. One of those traditions is respecting and protecting women. But some poor and retarded bastards have forgotten this culture of ours. So, we request government to take immediate and necessary steps thereby implementing strong definite laws against these activities.

We thank our readers for making magazine’s name in the top searches of ‘Google’. We are obliged to the Google Inc for helping people finding us. We want the same support and love to be bestowed by you.


[box_dark] Enjoy the winter and welcome the new time to come up [/box_dark]

From the desk of Editor-in-Chief.