Hello, TM reader and TM lovers!

How are you all? o! yeah! The winter is here. It has started chilling out in the northern parts of India. Snowfall has also started in few places. Are you ready for the fantastic winter? Are you ready to eat the Indian Spicy dishes? Are you done with your winter shopping? We, at Thousand Miles, are always excited when winter knocks in. We urge you to take care of your health from severe winter creeping in some places. Have bonfire, warm clothes, good food and drink brandy or scotch occasionally to keep yourself warm and cozy during winters.

We are quite happy for the successful Sukhoi-M30 trial test of Brahmos Missile by Indian Air Force and DRDO a few hours back. DRDO and Indian defense forces have already tested the land to air and sea to air versions earlier. It has 3 Mach speed and 290 km range which makes it a highly accurate medium-range with ramjet supersonic cruise missile. Hurray to our DRDO and Indian defense’s efforts.

The development in the case of Pradyuman Murder case is somewhat relaxing as the murderer got arrested and the innocent bus driver got released from Bhondsi Jail a few hours back. As per CBI, the motive of the 11th-grade kid was to postpone the term exams and the corresponding parent- teachers meet which was scheduled for the day when Pradyuman was found murdered. Innocent got released and culprit got arrested, but the pain of losing little Pradyuman is full of agony. May his little soul rest in peace and give strength to this awe-struck family.

We really appreciate the effort of our Indian Army in the Kashmir Region shutting down nearly 200 militancy outfits and their agencies one after another. We salute our Indian Army for their constant skirmishes with those militants and the successful neutralization of those. We are with you and your sacrifices in all these efforts will be remembered forever like always. Jai Hind!

This issue of our online magazine includes some thematic articles and the interview of Varun Rajput. It also includes some fabulous photography work by Rohan Lala and Hitesh Rajbongshi. Please check out our new issue and kindly let us know what do you think.

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