Hello TM readers,

Don’t we love our Mother Earth? Yes we do, right? If She doesn’t exist, we don’t. This is as simple as that. Diwali in India is one such creation of danger to our Earth. Incessant smog covers the Indian cities in the following day of Diwali. Pollution is mainly caused by the particulate matters released from the bursting of the firecrackers that causes serious lungs or breathing diseases. It not only causes air pollution but also sound pollution affecting both humans and animals.

Why are we talking about this? Cause this is a serious issue happening due to us. The world climate is changing in a negative stance rapidly. Ice at the poles is melting down causing an alerting level of water for the sea-line cities and countries of the world. So who is responsible? It is we, the humans causing all types of pollution through all means. We need to think twice or nature will maintain its own equilibrium by hook or by crook.

The Supreme Court of India banned crackers this Diwali and plotting crackers in and around Delhi and Delhi NCR. Nothing has been implemented in reality. People went on for illegal ways for buying crackers and enjoyed to the fullest bursting those polluting pieces of life hazard. We are educated fools if you still could not understand the fact of ‘Climate Change’. We need to put the big step forward sooner or the consequences are on the roll for entire humanity.

This issue of Thousand Miles Online Magazine dedicates to our mother nature and highlights its varied features through articles and photography. We have exclusively included the ‘Interview with Ajitabha Bose‘ for this issue and also have featured a social initiative called ‘Happy Periods‘.

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