Hello Colour Players!

Hope you had a fabulous colour time with your friends and family. The Holi ends with a terrific note that, ‘Basant’ which we called spring in English is about to enter into our senses. Welcome this season with open hearts and feel the change of season. We have customs and rituals for every festivals in India. Believe me, that is something that binds us together and makes us a one country India. We play from colours, crakers, water to flower in many of our festivals. This is us- Indians we love to celebrate our festivals with different kinds of props like that in various kind of Dance forms.

Few days back, demise of the great souls like Suchitra Sen, Kushwant Singh and Farooq Sheikh leave us sad note. We gonna really miss them because of their performances or deeds in respective fields and for the good souls they are!

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From the desk of Editor-in-Chief.