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Editorial (Roads, Life and Festival)

Editorial (Roads, Life and Festival)

Hello Readers!

It is your favourite magazine Thousand Miles Magazine reporting after quite a long time. How’s been you festive break? Blast? Right? Naa! Don’t worry, we are hear to make something of your browsing time a bit interesting. Go through our current issue & other articles and enjoy to the fullest.

We are very proud of scientists and engineers at ISRO for successful mission of the Mangalyan who entered the red Planet attraction point few days back. Now we can held our head high because no other Asian countries have been successful like us so far. In matter of success in first attempt, we are the first and only nation in the world to do so. Now, We have joined the elite group of countries by this successful Mission.

Another milestone of the country came just a week before, when DRDO  successfully test fired the supersonic Cruise Missile. We are growing and We are going to be the world leaders if this kind of pursuit goes on and on in near future.

Thousand Miles family congratulates all the players and winners of the recently observed Asian Games. So,it is not only space, science and engineering that Indians are proving, It is beyond that horizon.

Once again thanks for supporting us and reading us. Your support is our inspiration.

From the desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Editor at Thousand Miles. Simple man with legitimate amount of dreams. An NIT Agartala, India Alumnus. Grad man from VTU, Chennai. He is a thinker, writer and teacher all mingle into the curry of dreams. He can be found in Greater Noida these days handling little techno devils.

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