At the very outset, Happy Diwali to all of you! We are very glad to bring you the third issue- the third season of our magazine. We are happy enough for the support and love that you showered on us all the while. Watching the crackers and Diyas all around, the mind is all set for Diwali. Sweets and chocolates are shared and presented among all friends and family members. The whole country has started glowing in a flamboyant manner with the boom of crackers, lights and Diyas. Therefore this festival has its own charm and gives a new meaning to life and the world at large- a light that removes the darkness and pains through the way of believing and following the words of the Higher Self.

The month of October holds a special significance for all Indians,even to the entire world. That date is 2nd October, the birth day of our most respected and beloved Bapuji- Mohandas KaramChand Gandhi. Therefore, Thousand Miles Team remembers this noble figure-The Father of our Nation on his emollient birthday occasion.

Steve Jobs,the entrepreneur of Apple passed away this month. Thousand Miles Team prays to Almighty that may his soul rest in peace.We will definitely miss him!!

This time, we are happy to see some new travellers joining us to cover another mile in this long run. We are humbled to see the love and affection showered on us by our on-line readers and contributors. Everyone who can do magic with his/her word-power and creativity of photography, arts can join us by submitting their works at: [email protected].

We are happy to announce that Thousand Miles Team has taken an initiative this time with a new venture called ‘CIMECTRONS’- a blog dealing with engineering stuffs. Hope you will visit this blog and support us. The address is: Its a journey to provide tech-stuffs and we will be starting  soon.


From Editor Desk.