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Happy Monsoons! How has been the vacation? Where have you visited? How awesome was it? Share your views with us. We will love to hear from you.

We are back with our July issue on the theme of Shades of Life. This is something as we know, that we see in our daily life. People of different cast, creed and language has different shades of life . We can see and learn different lessons by looking at different forms of life. We need to just patiently look to the lives of various people from rural to urban and how they are proceeding with their daily activities for the survival. It is something we just have to look for to find and learn. It is what we tried in this issue to highlight through our photography and articles.

Please go through the July Issue with our special highlights viz., ‘An Interview with Nidhi Maheshwari’ and ‘An Interview with Siddharth Roy’. This issue also covers the promotional article for ‘Dooronir Nirola Poja’ Movie and for ‘Pebbles’. In Thousand Miles, we highlight kinds of stuff that use creativity as its main element and are trying to change people lives with a significant note.

Personally, I thank our Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the GST bill which we Indians have waited for so long. ‘One Nation, One tax’ is something that will help everyone in the commercial market with proper equity and equality for their service. This is a win-win-win situation for all three: Government, Buyers and sellers. We will see the positive effect very soon. I urge people to comply with the rules and regulation of this bill.

We thank all the models Purabi Edbor, Anisha Sharma, Divya Armarkar who worked very hard with our Creative Artists Rohan Lala and Co-founder & SS Manager Devarshi for the photo-shoot.

Please provide feedback for the issue. We, at TM love feedback because we love growing with constructive criticism.

Signing off: From the desk of Editor-in-Chief