Hi Friends!
How’s been the spring time for you? How’s been the Lok Sabha Elections for you? How did you enjoy with your family & friends? Was it a blast? Pohila Baisakh or Baisakhi or Bihu, whatever it is, we just love to celebrate it. Isn’t it?

We have observed the election of the biggest democracy in the world. The question of the hour is, who could save us from tyranny and corruption. The answer is very simple. It is we. We must know our candidates and the parties we are supporting. The coming five years would be turning point for us- for our country India. One vote from each of us will be the deciding fator in this entire election event. Hope you have supported the best possible thing for the sake of your own country.

On the other side, we celebrated our Spring festivals through out India. We prepared delicious foods. We galloped and danced with friends and family. We visited our neighbours, our friends and our relatives. We exchanged gifts & sweets and prayed to almighty for the overall  development and peace around the world. Keep up the spirit alive and fresh. Just enjoy your life to the fullest.

Once again, thanking you all our dear readers. TM team is happy to see your support and love all throughout these three years. We have gracefully completed our 3rd year of establishment and sharing of best literature & pictorial pieces with you. Keep your support on for us. We always need you, especially your love that too from your heart. It’s got little snazzy, right? LOL… Just kidding. Enjoy the issue.

From the desk of Editor-in-Chief