[pullquote_left]A thousands light years back, when the agenda of the planet earth was prepared, THE CREATOR wrote about an e-magazine to be published on the midnight of 24th April last year, “THOUSAND MILES”. And today we completed a year and envisage continuing the journey till the end. Well, this was all about the discovery of the team of THOUSAND MILES.[/pullquote_left]
[box_dark]For the last couple of month since we were born experience and experimenting was the major part that beautifully expanded our relationships and bonding with the readers. The main aim and objectives of Thousand Miles are to find new talents, share their feelings to the world and to form a platform as an media to expand the creativity of the people to come up with more creamy and concrete ideas.[/box_dark]
[box_light]There is something very interesting behind the idea of Thousand Miles. One day a boy wake up from his dreams to reality and found that the world is even more amazing then it appears to be. Then he walked along the pavements of the busy streets of Chennai to find people who were still in a dream world. Then one day he meets three such people viz. Hrishikesh, Devarshi and me(Mukunda), now guess who is that boy,.. ofcourse he is Rathin Dutta, the pathfinder of our ship. And now, it’s a journey together to a new world. By and by a few members joined with us, and they are Akshay, Shruti, Bikash and Nitya and held the ropes and anchor of the same ship tight.[/box_light]
[box_dark]I never knew writing in the last page of my every notebook, sitting in the last bench in every proxy periods will one day help me write the editorial for the anniversary issue for an e- magazine. I loved writing, it really captures the moment of my past and my evolution from one yesterday till today. I simply feel great about it.[/box_dark]

On behalf of the whole team we wish everyone a very wonderful, happy and prosperous life ahead, keep reading our stuff, keep on thinking and let your discovery face the trial and rock. Keep smiling. 🙂