Hello Valentinees!

It is your favourite magazine ‘Thousand Miles’ reporting. How are you all? I hope you all are fine. Thanks for dropping by the station of our magazine. We are glad that this day of year you are visiting us and giving us your precious time even though you are busy with your love-ship.
True love is holy and gentle. For example we can see the unconditional love of Meera for her Krishna. If love is holy and gentle, there is no expectation of getting it back. But we are surrounded by illusion(Maya) and so we expect the other to love. In this cycle of this Maya, we come across desperation and  agony. But, if I were to advice, I would say love some-one who deserves you not necessarily the reverse case. Then you will be not captured by the strings of pains.

Again when I say LOVE I would say, I am not talking about keeping  a boy-friend or girl-friend to display that you got one! Believe me if you possess a love but don’t love it, I am pretty sure you are faking yourself and spoiling your life. Have someone who is true from his/her heart, respects you and both of you deserve each other. Love when it defines itself it says I am unconditional, I am holy spirit and I am the one that connects you with The Supreme. Otherwise, if it is a thing to play, I am of the view that you are messing with the holiness of Lord.

Let’s do one thing. Love and be loved. Have someone and follow the line. It is Valentine’s Day therefore, enjoy with full vigor and spirit keeping it in mind that love is spirit not a thing

From the desk of Editor-in-Chief

Signing off!