Hello Friends
It is TM News all over again. This time, we are bringing some special concerns regarding ‘Water’ quality and beauty of water. Mother Nature is proving us with so much of love and affection, but we, the Humans don’t deserve that. We are spoiling it day by day. We are polluting it. The quality is degrading. Scientifically, pH levels are getting over or down the normal limit. We need to take care of it. It is our home- The Mother Earth and water is her special offering to us.

Water is said ‘LIFE’ for us. We need water and even, the vegetables and fruits, we are consuming are maximum percent consist of water. Our human body is nothing but, a complete gift of water. Surrounding the environment, each every thing that is fresh and lively is just water.

The TM Photography team has worked sincerely to collect some best pics from the corners of our society. Some of our friends from different parts of India had submitted their photographs that they clicked and finally sent to us. We are very much thankful to you for all your contributions for this current issue. Keep sending us those and we will be highly grateful to you as you are helping us presenting some of the best works to the fans and followers of Thousand Miles.

On behalf of the team, I thank Suresh Ranjan Goduka, Editor, Jeevan for providing us with a report regarding the water quality at Guwahati, assam. On the aforesaid, we offer our sincere thanks to you, Sir.

At last but not the least, we are highly in debt to all the online readers whose support has been our pillar of strength since its birth. We are about to reach 800 facebook likes and we are just left by 5 in counting. Thanks to all of you, friends and readers.

From the desk of Editor-in-Chief