This has been a year in India to re-think on the matter of Women Empowerment. The entire female counterpart has been at stake. Whether it is the capital of India or some small places around this country, the girls and ladies were molested, raped, tortured. The Anti-rape bill was passed on for women protection and security. Yet, the bastards and retards don’t sit calm; they are continuing their brutality and dominance over women.

This country has been designated as the land of goddesses where Sita Ma, Durga Ma, Sarwasti Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Ambe Ma and many other goddesses came here for empowering our land and made it resourceful and lively to live at. But, unfortunately we are destroying the old gentle heritage of our land. It is only for some retards of the society who have lost their very mental state of being a human; of being a real man.

We owe so much to our mother, sisters, aunts, in-laws mothers & sisters as they cultivate our soul in us. In case of the in-laws, the wife you have, is the greatest gift from your in-law house. Without them, our daily life is so meaning less that we cannot even start our day. For a husband going to office, a hug and pack of lunch from his wife; for a son leaving for school with a kiss from his mother, for a brother to fight for silly reasons with his own sister and for a grand-son to listen to such never dying fairy tales from his grand mother. We are so much connected to them that ill-treating with any one of the female counterparts would be so shameful.

It is a request to all the brothers to love, adore and protect them from all those evils. It is our place ‘Maa Janani’; we must secure it before it goes beyond our control.

From the desk of Editor-in-Chief.