The day of liberation!!
15th august 1947, India regained its sovereignty, after a tremendous efforts and sacrifices. We have read history of that period and heard of many stories of misery through which the country came across to attain this day, and the national flag of our country was proudly raised. Today the people of our country have different opinion of this day, and many among us don’t believe that we are actually independent,but our country is. Poverty, hunger, slavery still persists in our democratic country. We have the longest constitution in the world in the race of satisfying the large number of population and hence our country is growing abnormally in many sectors. Here anybody can become a politician, anyone can rule, all that we need is our background. Sorry, the poor dialogue has to be repeated once again- “the poor are becoming poor and the rich are getting richer”. This is my true feelings and it sustains an Indian characteristic- “think positively, criticize negatively”. Perhaps this positive negative combination is driving the mass. If I would have been a historian today, I would have explained how Bhagat Singh, Subhas Chandra Bose, Chandra Sekhar Ajad, Piyoli Phukan, Joimoti and many other freedom fighters sacrificed for this day.

Independence has a variety of direction; sometimes you are not independent while you live in an independent country. It’s like you are standing on the surface of the earth and you feel that your body is at rest when you are not moving but with respect to other planets of the earth you are in motion along with the earth- this is what we call system. Being an independent sometime we don’t follow our dreams, sometimes we are in a race and we don’t know its reason. “We love what we do” and “we do what we love” are two sentences with different meanings with a few jumbles. Many of Indians are raised today he who understands the gravity of the two sense. We are growing now – we are developing technologies and our way of living. We are making India proud by stamping our names in the list of Olympics, this all could happen when one who follow his/her dream. On the sets of example now we can proudly say, we have- Sushil Kumar, Saina Nehwal, Marry Kom, Gagan Narang and Yogeshwar Dutt. So, best of luck India and Happy Independence Day.


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