Hello friends! I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed the new year party. With the onset of the New year, we all have started taking resolution for this new year. May your resolutions succeed in a better way. Thousand Miles welcomes the New Year with its new look. Since you are now reading and browsing our online magazine at present, I think the new look and fresh stuffs refreshes your mind a little. We want your feed-backs about the new look  and the contents, so that we can provide you what you seek from our magazine.

The date 23rd January has a very prominent mark in the history of India. It is the birthday of our respected and beloved Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He is the man behind that courageous army ‘AJAD HIND FAUJ’ whose ‘Delhi chalo’ slogan had budged the pillars of British Empire during their rule in India. Even though, he didn’t live long to see the Independence of India but his farsighted mind had already provoked,” Independence of India is not far away.” He is no more among us now but his sacrifice for the motherland and words of courage will always be in our heart and mind of all Indian.

Moreover, two days later, we are going to observe the Republic Day of  India. It is the day we celebrate because on this very day our constitution of India was written by some eminent figures of India. To be mentioned,  our constitution is one of the most longest constitution in the world.

As always, some new travellers have joined us  in our journey of Thousand Miles. The Thousand Miles Team is always in high regards of its online readers and the team expects the same support to be showered in the forth-comings days from its readers and well-wishers.

[box_dark]HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY TO ALL OF YOU[/box_dark]

Let us stand up and with full love and proper decorum, lets sing!


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Jônogônomono-odhinaeoko jôeô he


Pônjabo Shindhu Gujoraṭo Môraṭha

Drabiṛo Utkôlo Bônggo

Bindho Himachôlo Jomuna Gônggam

Uchchhôlo jôlodhi toronggo

Tôbo shubho name jage

Tôbo shubho ashish mage

Gahe tôbo jôeogatha

Jônogônomonggolodaeoko jôeô he Bharotobhaggobidhata

Jôeo he, jôeo he, jôeo he,

jôeo jôeo jôeo, jôeo he


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