Hello Lovers! This time I wouldn’t address you all as readers or friends, but LOVERS indeed! I am very much thankful to you as you have given us your precious time to read our new issue on valentine’s day. I know you are in full mood of romanticism and thinking all day long for your mate to wish you ‘Darling! Happy Valentine’s Day’. Hope that, you all have received your romantic wishes from your special ones and you have reciprocated as well. For those who hoped for their valentine to wish back, but have not been requited! Don’t worry, Lord Cupid has thought something special and different for you.

If you are reading our magazine with your mate this time, surely you gonna enjoy it to the fullest. Every individual loves someone in this world. To express your love, this is the best day for you ‘LOVER’. Go for it and tell her/him that how much you care for her/him and love him/her. To add with, tell her/him what does she/he mean to your life? Express with full heart and complete sense. If she/ he carries a true heart and bag full of emotions, then he/she will definitely agree to your proposal of love-ship.

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