Many superstitions have been spectacularly suppressing the sensibility of people in a subtle manner. Superstitionsbeyond region, religion, nation have been swelling by dwindling the rationale of individuals. India is wrapped with weird superstitions which suck the sensibility of out of our senses. And not to mention our standards when it comes to superstitions.We have our ISI mark on our superstitions. One such amusing superstition is Vaastu.

In the context of constructing a house or buying a property, many queries hover around the individual. He/she have their concerns.They consult the near and dear and end up with an endearing engineer to persuade your endeavour. Fair enough. But preferring a college dropout, self-proclaimed Vaastu Pundit over a highly qualified civil engineer is where the absurdity starts to ascend.

The first obvious question is “What is Vaastu?” Sanskrit says “Vasa” means to live and “Vasthu” means a thing. A culmination of those two itself is Vaastu. Vaastu used to be a set of norms according to which houses used to be constructed. Back in the day when there were no chimneys, no air conditioners, no sophisticated gadgets vaastu was in existence. It mentions which direction to orient the kitchen, the rooms for cross ventilation, air etc. with a faint religious touch.

All the ancient writings of Vaastu are nowhere related to our contemporary society. Be it Vishwakarma’s ‘ViswakarmaPrakashika’, Bhoj’sSamaranganaSuthradharam, VaastuDarpanam, VaastuPradeepika none of them are relevant in today’s way of construction. Varahamihir’sBrihat Samhita even took a step further combining astrology with vaastu. If all those writings are to be followed, then we need to believe other contemporary writings of their times as well.

Sati would still be in place then. Polygamy would still prevail, untouchability would still exist. Many outrageous practices which are serious crimes in our present context would have a place in our society. Clearly, that’s irrelevant in today’s context. And as a matter of fact, Caste too has been consolidated in the literature of vaastu. As always beneficial towards the superior castes. When caste too becomes a vital cog in vaastu, it is obvious that it is an obnoxious writing.  Vaastu is vicious and blindly following it is futile.

All the literature of Vaastu seems to operate on four major aspects. The eight directions ( including corners), the five elements (land, air, water, wind, sky), the nine planets, and a vaastu God (Vaastupurush). So this is the modus operandi of Vaastu pundits.

How should I build my house? When should I start constructing my house? In what direction should my bed be oriented to get a sound sleep? Where should I construct my living room? Where my kitchen has to be? Which direction should my bathroom be?  What should be placed in which particular direction? A lot of questions, but whom should people ask these questions is the bigger question. None would dare ask that question. As in that case, a civil engineer would be preferred over a Vaastu pundit. Does that mean you’re demeaning religion or embarrassing religious customs?

The answer is No. Just because Vaastu is loosely connected to religion, doesn’t mean we should blindly follow it as if our life depends on it. That is where Vaastu creeps in with a creepy smile. It makes sure that this superstition swells well in the minds of people while discussing their dwelling. How? By installing a sense of fear. A fear which almost takes control of all your senses and falls prey to these pungent pundits. One can see the irony in calling such people as “pundits”. Using people’s fear of God to fill their sacks and using this as their livelihood hack doesn’t qualify them as pundits. Bandit probably would be an appropriate usage. No offence, just saying!

Coincidentally a couple of the sayings of Vaastu seem to be on the same page as that of science. That’s it. The Vaastu pundits latched on to the opportunity as they saw this as a lucrative landmark. They started to proclaim everything they say has a scientific backing which is an outright lie. Vaastu pundits created a cocktail theory mixing science and religion in their theory of vaastu. That’s how Vaastu pundits instigate fear among people. By terrorizing people with their predictions.

Their predictions will be something like a financial problem in the household, a hazardous health issue to any of the family members, or some internal conflicts in the family. Claims which are clearly lame makes the crux of their predictions. But somewhere they work at the back of our mind, his predictions will make us restless. One obviously doesn’t want to take a risk pertaining their beloved family. The slight traces of religion sugar-coated on Vaastu is what makes people gullible to Vaastu.

We believe them and modify the construction plan of our house. The civil engineer’s plan holds no significance! If the Vaastu pundit says you must have your kitchen in the southeast. The kitchen will be constructed in the southeast. Why the only southeast for the kitchen, won’t my gas stove work anywhere else? These pundits give reasons like southeast is the place where the fire God resides, so kitchen in the southeast. If this reason doesn’t appease, they pleasingly say it’s good because of air and ventilation reasons. Probably the pundits are not aware of chimneys, air conditioners and exhaust fans. Wait, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The main entrance should always face the East side or Northside according to Vaastu. An entrance towards south will bring bad luck according to Vaastu. USA’s White House has a door facing south. No bad luck there, it’s in fact, ruling the world. Water source towards the west is also seen as a bad omen according to Vaastu. India’s financial capital Mumbai has the Arabian sea to the west of it. Again Vaastu falters here as well. Southwest corner should be the tallest corner of the house. Else you’ll have a fatal fault in your stars according to Vaastu.Seriously, what the f**K!

All the while when Vaastu pundits decide the course of your house and predict the fate of you and your house, there lies an untold story.  Vaastu pundits domination over a civil engineer. A civil engineer with his plan, a scientifically proven plan made by careful, cautious analysis of the type of soil, the dimensions, the air flow dynamics, the norms, the safety precautions and all other parameters into account. Seems such a promising premise, and then there comes a twist in the tale. A Vaastu pundit enters the scene holding an image of the “Vaastu Purush” (the God of Vaastu). The pundit draws nine lines in your area plot placing this Vaastu Purush and decides where what has to be and how it has to be. A callous call by Vaastu pundit is preferred over a civil engineer and the latter has to succumb to the former.

How come by making the southwestern corner of the house tallest, can one expect improved life expectancy?How come by changing the orientation of bathroom in the house brings luck? How will anyone become rich by swapping their living room to the bedroom? How come by moving things in our house to other places, one expects miracles to happen in their lives?

Heeding to the verses of vicious Vaastu and assuming you’ll be victorious in your field is absolutely hilarious. More than hilarious it’s diabolical.  At least for once those who are blindly believing this blatant loot, it’s high time you come out of your closet. And wash your brains in the sink and start to think.

And for a fact, we know the earth is spherical and not flat. So we also know earth rotates about its axis while revolving around the sun. So in this constantly rotating and revolving earth, are vaastu pundits so evolved that they can assign directions for our rotating earth!

We are surrounded by superstitions like Vaastu with surreal superiority. A bunch of people propagate it purposefully for personal stakes in the superstition. The difference superstitions make is the difference between a progressive and regressive society. With Vaastu, we’ll have to settle for the latter.

Government too couldn’t do anything about this as people in government to are a patronage to the prejudices of Vaastu pundits. Not to mention their inclinations towards such superstitions as all they care about is power. So they’ll go any extent to get their grasp of the throne. To the utter dismay, that extent may even be following astrology and Vaastu. No questions on them dear Politician!

Nevertheless, stop being naïve.Navigate yourself cautiously against nuances of such superstitions by using your brains. Don’t ever let any pundit come near you and drain your brain and make you a mere puppet in his hands.

Believe in God, not in fraudulent fads!