It was a sunny morning and I was out
On my route to the nearest bazaar.
I was in a hurry like everyone else.
As I was Pushing and trying
To craft my means to get my requirements,
I perceived how deliberately a seller
Bows with esteem towards his first earnings of the day.
I noticed how even on the hottest day,
The people of my city were out to get their works done.
I sensed the awkwardness of a child
As his mum took too long to get her every necessity.
I discerned how even when everyone rushed through the bazaar,
An old man still strolls and bends .
I was haggling to get my things at the cheapest rate like the rest of the mass.
A battle of profit between the patrons and the dealers
Arises every morning in the light of the Indian bazaars.
The liveliness of the Indian bazaars are found
Nowhere apart from the Indian bazaars
Leaving us tired and full in the end of our search.

 –Sarah Sarfah Salim