There is this daunting, dominating figure most of us abide by who’s often referred to as God. He/she is allegedly the creator of the universe, the master of all livelihood, guardian of our deeds, protector of our sins and what not. But still has a subtle mystery about his/her existence. Not from an atheist perspective but also from a theist perspective as well, we need to find God. Why exactly do we need to find God might a legit question. The answer is simple. To know him/her better. To know about his/her existence. To tell God how much we love him and show our perseverance in believing God. So let’s take aboard the question about the abode of God. In this quest, we end up with something emotionally powerful called belief.

Belief is the answer for all our grief and the chieftain of this planet is the answer to that belief. God instills this still sense of belief which is as sturdy as a hill. This is when you develop a conscience. A cautious conscience. This conscience fabricates the moral fabric rich with moral values in the mural of one’s mind. A mind rich with noble ideas is a stable for sanity. That’s what makes this belief enchanting. To take this belief to the next level, we’ve been introduced to religion.

Little did we know about the vicinity of divinity, but sure the humane side of religion is adorable. Religion refreshes our belief and rejuvenates a sense of hope. Wrapping itself in a foil of truth, it comes with an aura of positivity. The essence of religion imbibes a sense of compassion, brotherhood, love, empathy and many more wonderful feelings. Those are the things which make religion special and sacred. To serve the idea of God to the plethora of population, many forms of religion emerged to serve the purpose.

Currently, we have more than a dozen religions in place.Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, Sikhism, Jainism etc. are few of the popular and populated religions. Every religion has their own version of God and the existence of God. With these many religions all disputing that their God is ultimate, it’s kinda difficult to know the actual version. The spiritual rituals, the textual manuscripts, the conceptual practices of religions may virtually vary. But there are ideologies mutual to every religion which they eventually agree upon. These ideologies are those which value humanity above all deeds. And that is exactly what religion has to stand for. The celebrations and customs of all religions which appease the palette of this planet with their sweets and savories. The colors of festivals, the lights, the grandeur, the pomp. Geez! Religion is fun for all the glamour it has in store.

The idea of religion is able and nobly great. To be inclusive and serve all irrespective of who they are and how they are. That is supposed to be the poised point of religion. Be it whatever religion you follow. Be it idol worship, be it polytheism, be it monotheism the crux of all religions is same. Compassion is that crux. If not for compassion and well being of all individuals, all these festivals, celebrations, cannot be so voraciously validated. But are all religions striving to be compassionate or passionately fighting for supremacy over other religions?

It’s obvious there are two sides to every aspect. And no wonder religion too has a shaky prospect. Preachers pleasantly preaching peace on one side and a certain section of the same community breaking that peace into pieces. A perpetual debate of superstitions versus science still prevails. Terror wanders in the name of god and religion. Not to mention the hyped up fear in the name of god. To question authority and authenticity of God itself is seen as a heinous sin. There is a fanatic fear to question the integrity of these traditions in religion which are blatantly biased.

There are certain bullying aspects of religion. These aspects bring down the positive essence of religion by conducting a post-mortem on its values. Tweaking those values and customizing it to their financial and personal preferences. Acrimonious creeds have been the epitome of some of their deeds in the name of religion. Not all but a minuscule minority of crooked and wicked people succeed in creating havoc on a majority of people. If at all something like a Satan or some place called hell exists, these people deserve to be there.

Take for instance terrorism in the name of Islam,  holocausts in the name of Christianity, Caste systems and discriminating in the name of Hinduism and a ton of other instances. Triggering violence by insinuating intimate sentiments of their religion. Once they pinch each of the religions, these murky middlemen lay back and watch people getting lynched in the name of religion. Fighting who’s God is superior forgetting that the fundamental principle of religion is equality. A feast with hate is only possible to the demonic beings not feasible for normal humans.

Similar to education, religion is a revered and noble institution. But just like education, religion too has been turning into a business off late. Huge money is being pumped into the religious system and is being run as if it’s some big fat corporate house. A place known to disassociate itself with materialism is peppered with materialism. Materialism is pouncing onto each and every ounce of the religious institution when run by selfish individuals. Few of them have self-appointed themselves as God-men by performing gimmicks to gullible people. We’ve seen numerous notorious instances where God-men or the wingmen of God have been caught red face. One could recall incidents of sexual abuse, child molestation, financial frauds, and other nefarious activities of these self-proclaimed God-men. Thereby denting the actual purpose of religion by suppressing its soul with their suffocating stink.

The horrifying part, however, is justifying these atrocities in the name of religion. Crime has no religion and gender. Just because the law offender distinguishes himself/herself as a popular religious figure doesn’t mean he/she can get away with the crime. This crime is getting organized by the day and religion is becoming region specific and sick.

Superstitions have been used to the maximum extent by these middlemen of religion to maximize their profits. Playing with innocent people’s fears and minting money seems to be their motto. Astrology can be quoted as an example for this sham which is many astronomical units away from astronomy. Predictions is another one such things. The magic healing oils, Vaastu, Fengshui, the shady religious goodies all fall under this bracket of shams. The bracket is getting bigger by the day which isn’t a healthy sign for a religion. Not to mention few of the sorcery and black magic hoax fucking with the sanity of people. Seems like fear is running a serious monopoly of trade in terms of monetary means.

Belief is important. So don’t reduce something so important, to merely impotent by attracting to the egregious ideologues. We urge those middlemen to not rub their wrath on us and turn sacred to crooked. Scrutinize your soul with the summons of righteousness rather than stuff it with baubles.

It’s high time we introspect every aspect of religion with respect. Misalign from the maligned lot. Because God is omnipresent in every pleasant deed of you.So better be good rather than kill or mint money in the name of god.

In a hypothetical situation, if God were to be alive. He/she would be livid with the coarse coursework of today’s religion and vividly be an Atheist!