English Vinglish is a 2012 Indian drama film directed by Gauri Shinde. It was released on 5 October 2012.

The film stars Sridevi in the lead role and most imporatntly, the film retreat her comeback to Bollywood after 14 years and to Tamil Cinema after 26 years. The film also features Mehdi Nebbou a french actor, Adil Hussain, and Priya Anand. Amitabh Bachchan and Ajith Kumar make guest appearances in the Hindi and Tamil versions respectively.

Shashi, the protagonist  is a middle-aged typical Indian housewife who earns handful amount of cash by laddu Business. She is a dedicated homemaker who is taken for granted by her family. She is teased for her poor English vocabulary and speaking touch by her husband Satish and teenage daughter. Shashi is the object of flamboyant fun by Satish, who gives little regards for her real talent and Sapna, her 7th grade daughter who is ashamed to even introduce her mother to her school turfs and teachers because her English is very poor. However, her young son Sagar loves her as she is. He plays a sweet and meek role of a little kid.

Shashi’s sister, who lives in New York, invites Shashi’s family to come to her daughter’s wedding. It is decided that Shashi will go to New York alone to help her sister set up everything for the marriage. Her husband and kids will join her later  during marriage ceremony. While Shashi is in New York helping at her niece’s wedding, she secretly made her admissions into a conversational English class that promises to teach the language in four weeks. The class comprises a Mexican nanny, a Pakistani cab driver, a Chinese hairstylist, a Tamil software engineer, a quiet angry African kid, and a soft-spoken French chef named Laurent. Mehdi Nebbou plays the role of Laurent. He seems to be the epitome gift to Shashi’s ill-treated life. Shashi quickly emerges as the most promising and committed students in her class. In midst of all this, she also finds Laurent getting attracted to her sober and gentle attire and personality

As the story progresses, Shashi’s niece finds out about her secret English classes and soul-fully supports and helps her in completing the entire course. Shashi starts glazing English films at night and doing her homework with all haste. She tried hard all to polish her English reading and writing skills and more importantly to earn respect that she duly deserves from her family. To complete the English speaking course each of the student must take a final test for five minutes, as announced by her teacher David Fischer. The test would be a speech that each student should prepare and deliver which will be judged by the tutor himself who will then issue the certificate. Shashi’s family joins her in New York earlier with an element of surprise. This makes it difficult for Shashi to attend the classes and prepare for her final test. The test date coincides with the wedding date. Unknowingly, her son Sagar spoils the entire preparation she amidst her tight schedule.

Shashi’s niece invites her English teacher and all her friends at the English speaking class to the marriage ceremony. At the wedding, Shashi gives the speech in English and wonders everyone. The English tutor, who is present amongst the guests, declares that she has passed the test with distinction and issues her the pass certificate. Shashi’s husband and daughter finally realize their mistake of mocking her lack of proficiency in English and taking her for granted. Shashi thanks Laurent for “making her feel better about herself”. The ceremony ends with a typical and sweet ballad ‘Navrai Majhi’  The movie ends with the Shashi’s family returning to India. On the flight Shashi requests in appropriate English tone if the stewardess has any Hindi newspapers in collection.