My wind chime of peace!

The wind would kiss you tender and resonate the harmony so soothing, so compassionate.

Take me to my long lost calm;

Revive me to the core, bring back my popping colors;

Tuning to your euphony I would sing to the reminiscence of my past glory.

My wind chime of hope!

In tranquility, you would let me dream,

Let me soak in the fascination of the future unrevealed;

The beauty in your melody would make me believe more in me

and I would stride to taste the sweetness of the dew of fantasy.

My wind chime of love!

Awaken my dormant desires;

Make me believe in your harmony and in the truth of ‘love’;

Let me derive the faith from the love saga of antiquity;

and I would compose the melodious sonnet in my heart.