Hello Fashion addicts!
This is my first feature in Thousand Miles . Well, here’s my intro : My name is Namrata and I am a Fashion ADDICT!
Winter’s gone …… Okay, almost gone. The blazers, pop mittens, trenches all go back in the old closet .They are all gone. The new spring-summer closet is all about Fun, pastels, Florals and free spiritness. This SS the High waist shorts are a staple! Yes!Believe it or not! You just have to have one .
Shorts ain’t gonna work . the world is CALLING for high waist shorts this time.
They are a must. You can wear them with a peter pan collared shirt or even a cute lace evening blouse. And don’t forget to tuck the blouse . For shoes, you can pt for Brouges or wedges in the day and Heeled Ankle boots in the night. Don’t ever try cropped tops with them. Leg show is enough skin show.
You can also wear ankle lace socks or in any nice print but NEVER long socks! LONG SOCKS spell nothing but total D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! Keep the accessories minimal. A charm chain can spell magic.Lastly, the makeup shouldn’t be too loud. A hint of mascara and lipgloss is enough! Winged eyeliner is awesome too .
The 50s stle halter dresses, florals and flared pants are making a comeback too.Invest in some florals.Take cue from *my fav.* AUDREY Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. If you don’t want to check them out , then check out the Video Game hitmaker Lana Del Ray , who herself is an avid fan of the 50s and 60s which is very much evident in her albums and songs .Dont forget the bouffant look but to a minmal level.
Now that spring is here, wear your best high waist shorts and if you don’t have one , stop reading this IMMEDIATELY and buy one now !
Don’t forget to wear it with Élan.