Just the other day I was having this heated discussion with a friend of mine regarding where our country stands in terms of actual development. We talked on for hours arguing how much our country has progressed over the last few decades and in a more than 60 years of independence period.

From a possibility of maybe being one of the super powers in future, to a society which might be corruption free…there are a lot of things our country might be able to achieve. Now I am not going on the already developed aspects, because yeah, there is a lot to brag on, but I was wondering about those issues that are neglected, not given proper attention to or maybe issues in the name of which our dear politicians find a way to fill in their bank accounts for their many generations to enjoy at a stretch.

No doubt anyone would say India is a fully developed country, I would agree the same too, but if you look deeper into the matter you realize that there are a lot of issues worth pondering upon. Indian development I’ll say is quite a debatable issue. While I will not deny the fact that India has crossed leaps and bounds in every sphere of development, be it technological, economic or otherwise… however there are still wide lacus that need to be looked into. Being a democracy like no other in the world, there is no dearth for an individual’s development, however there are these persistent problems such as the vicious poverty cycle, the wide gap between the rich and poor that seems to plague the Indian progress scenario, the suppression of women in society, stark differences in literacy rates, population et all.. that really needs to be looked into.

Poverty seems to be a real road block to development and its causes are multiple in number. Real changes can be seen only when it can be eradicated. Now no country is free of it, but with the growing rate of population, almost at 1.2 billion in the last census, its high time people running the country got serious. They will definitely say, we do have poverty alleviation programs, there is long list of names too, I might add, but the real question is how many of them actually reach the people who are in dire need of it? Are they actually benefitting from it or it has really made no difference to their situations and living standards? Have they actually been implemented or is there anyone to look into its implementation? Are they effective enough? The answer is an easy no.

If I am not mistaken, the annual growth rate of 8 to 9 percent of our country is really impressive, our GDP has grown exponentially too, however the fact remains that its benefits have been uneven indeed. While the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer or are still at the same economic level as if there has been no growth at all. You won’t deny the fact that there are BMW’s and Audi’s on the same streets along with beggars knocking on their windows for some food. Of course, it’s so probably in other countries too, but we actually got the cash to make a difference, I only wonder when will the government do anything though. I mean our country does have every possible resource right, multi-million ventures, all that tax paid in march every year.. where does all the money go?

In fact, I say let the women folk work, it’s advantageous, what’s the point of them sitting at home and only looking after babies or waiting for their darling husbands to return from work. What use is the complete suppression and oppression of one gender going to be in? At least that way more income will be generated which will be more beneficial for the family in the end, right? So much has been done and given, in a way of rights, be it constitutional or reservations. It’s no use sitting around and mopping that we are suppressed, its time they are actually used to create an equal gender based society. Let them also wear what they want, it’s never frowned upon when men wear trousers right, shouldn’t they be wearing traditional dhotis too…the whole lot of them. Now don’t accuse me of being too feminist in my ideals, all I am trying to say is let the female population grow in every way, after all they have been suppressed far too long, don’t you think,greater miracles for the country might happen, by the sheer change of a few perceptions. I don’t mean to go against traditions, I am only saying they should be equally imposed on both genders.

Also jumping to the point of not educating children assuming that they will be more helpful if they join hands in early labour instead of school is another negative notion, though this is more strictly for the rural population, where they assume more children means more money income, it is actually a burden they bury themselves in. Leading to an increase in farmer suicide rates many a times, for lack of money or high debts which only leaves them more vulnerable and helpless. With more hands to feed and a below poverty line situation it does not really help in the long run. I would like to blame the government for this though. Yes, in their defense they will always say they have provided free education or other such free programs, but to what extent are they actually beneficial? Free education till the age of 14, that really does not help the situation because the kids are not even a 10th pass, how will that help them to get a job I don’t know, hence they find it pointless to even send them for those free education programs. I seriously wish free education was provided at least till 12th grade if not graduation, given the huge population it might be difficult, but everyone in the country knows that we generate enough economy for that, but alas, they are locked in bank accounts of people who really don’t need it. With a population so huge, today almost 35% of the population is below 20 years and by 2020, it’s expected that around 325 million population of India will reach workable age, if this be true India will have a booming economy like no other or in a negative way will only create a problem of population explosion. This again throws light on the literacy issue as well as the ever looming unemployment concerns which means only an educated population is the actual answer for real development. More employment opportunities need to be generated to push the economy to its highest level, lack of it with the educated unemployed as well as the high costs of living are just a few of the many problems faced by our country right now.

And why a vision 2020, I say? Why not 2015? Why make such huge promises and not be able to fulfill them. Instead I feel smaller goals should be made, and fulfilled one at a time. This way at least something is done instead of nothing.

In fact, there are a lot many issues that needs to be amended in our country, these you can call them the *immediate points* that came to my mind while discussing it with my friend, the more you think the more issues you will find. A lot needs to be done and I hope it is done, it’s supposed to be a peoples democracy, but the sad reality is that Indian politics is all about profit making and not actually doing anything productive, this is of course my opinion. A lot of people will comment it’s easier to say than to actually do it, but it has to start somewhere right. Someone has to come up with a solution or at least an initiative. Corruption in our country has its roots embedded too deep, in fact how many times we ourselves bribe the traffic policeman for a speeding ticket. The whole thought of wanting to do something, to change for better has to come from within. Different people will have different views regarding how it can be done, no matter what way is used, something needs to be seriously done, from the heart, for development, for a better nation. After all it will be us who will be benefitting.