PADMAN PLOT: Concerned about his newly-wed, lovable wife Gayatri’s (Radhika Apte) menstrual hygiene, Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) urges her to discard the dirty ragged cloth and opt for hygienic sanitary napkins. But his wife is seen to be reluctant to change her mind and go for opting commercial disposable pads as they are very expensive for a middle-class family. Mr. Chauhan after seeing reluctance for using the pads from his wife made his mind to make pads by his own hands. He is a mechanic in a local workshop and hence he has a natural talent of making and creating things. Once he found, the pads are nothing but simple a cloth, some cotton (wrong notion) bind together, he started making for his wife secretly. He wants to remove the age-old belief and he obsesses upon it and continues to change the belief as seen in the movie. After lot of struggle, being thrown out of society and home, he believes himself and continues and create an assembly machines to manufacture sanitary pads. His little idea of just serving his wife has changed from providing quality sanitary pads in cheap cost to all those 1.8 million women in Indian( i.e., during 2001)  who are in dire need of it. He at the end part of the movie seems to win innovation award from IIT Delhi and finally could convince her wife who still believes that her husband would return one day for her. He seems to run towards his wife and hugging her with the procession behind him celebrating his Padma Shri title that he won from the Government of India for his innovation.


R. Balki, the director of the movie plots his film with his own style alongside Swanand Kirkire, another gem in the industry. PC Sreeram’s cinematography is another quality level work as it does not have any kind of modern tool of CGI in it but has simple and picturesque colours and beautiful moving frames. The real-life costumes of the all the artists in the movie, the premiere art-work, and awe-struck editing are definitely the assets of the film. Amit Trivedi’s musical touch is something that has given soul to the movie. Indeed, Mr. Akshay Kumar who played the role of protagonist in the movie from the real life of Arunachalam Muruganantham and Radhika Apte performed excellently well but the real surprise for me was the subtle role of Sonam Kapoor in this film. Her sacrifice and unrequited love that is beautifully directed was a touching moment at the very end. The complete journey was really thrilling, educating and most importantly entertaining.


Rating: (Out of 5)