In a time when unemployment is on a 45-year-old high, when the economy is tottering, when basic fundamental rights are slowly getting snatched, when students are denied an education by hiking fee when dissent is sentenced to death there care a wave.

A wave that made an average Indian cringe against the government of the day and its shabby policy framings. It’s there when these words have come from a person while running from the police to save his ass for saying No to C** and No to N**

When cruel claws of establishment,

Falls on the preamble of our law,

New laws with flaws emerge,

And to defend these flaws,

They have an overwhelming flow,

Of lies,

Packaged and propagated,

By none other than people in power,

Portraying this communal law,

As a pure pious one,,

As that’s all they do,

Work for personal agenda and ideologies,,

Portray as if it’s for ourselves

Shame on us to elect ,

People like you.

In your

False fabricating industries,

Had heavy demand from the establishment,

And in the name of news ,

Comes your pungent, opinionated and biased views ,

Treating every rational argument as a noise,

Blatantly beating students who have a voice,

And if this fascism is your poise,

Opposing you is our right,

And hence at every street we fight,

Your colonial ideologies with all our might ,

With a bleeding logic,

To tell you how sick your ideology is

You’re the hole,

In the secular fabric of our country,

And even if it takes time,

We’ll stitch that secular fabric ,

Despite your thousand tricks to stop,

We will succeed,

It may take time,

We’ll reinstate the values

Our country has stood for

No matter how much you detest,

We’ll continue this protest,

As this is a time of test,

And fighting fascists like you,

Will only make us the best

No matter which color we are, no matter which gender we are, no matter which religion, region, caste, we belong, it’s in our blood to be secular. So even if you break our heads, our blood will still smell secularism rather than fascism. This is India. The fight is for India and the fight is being done by India.