Ghoul director and writer: Patrick Graham
Ghoul cast: Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Mahesh Balraj, Mallhar Goenka.
Ghoul Production: Blumhouse Television and Phantom Films.
Ghoul Distribution: Netflix

What is Ghoul in Islamic-Arabian Scriptures?

ghoul is a demon or monster or Pesach in Hindu scriptures often termed as djin in Roman scriptures or Jin originating in pre-Islamic Arabian religion associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh. In modern fiction, the term has often been used for a certain kind of undead monster.

TM Review: Nida Rahim(Radhika Apte) is a military officer about to complete her training in National Protection Squad(NPS) Academy but has been fast-forwarded to the same in doubt to her connection to her orthodox Mohamaddan rooted father. She happened to be fiercely loyal to the authoritarian regime and does not hesitate to even report her father’s orthodox religion-centric misconduct. In the process, she finds herself in a covert military detention center to interrogate Ali Saeed(Mahesh Balraj), a new prisoner. However, he shoots onto his interrogators, exposing their most shameful secrets with his undefined powers. As Nida tries to decode the truth behind the new prisoner, she gets to know it is one of the inmates of the prison who might have called onto a negative supernatural power to seek revenge from all the interrogators.

One of the inmates, a Maulbi tells her, it is Ghoul, a supernatural destructive power from the old Arabian scriptures as the new prisoner repeats the same Islamic verses again and again. By affecting the interrogators’ minds from their shameful past and turning itself into perfect impressionist, the Ghoul ends all the lives one by one inside the detention center including the prisoners. It is at the end that Nida gets to know that, this is the same prison which interrogated and finally killed her father; it is her father who called in the Ghoul by a necromantic procedure just to do some justice to the injustice caused.

She happens to kill Colonel Sunil Dacunha(Manav Kaul) with a shot-gun who happens to be the detention center incharge and designated war hero as she believes he has killed her father for which her father has to go for supernatural calling. And killing Colonel would be the marked end of a Ghoul that is inside him and every one of us i.e., the bad person that resides in every one of us. In the final scene, she seems to adopt the same path as her father did as she gets to know that her father was right and she needs to do the same as she can see the free thoughts and speeches of innocent people are crushed every now and them and every member of the nation’s principal minority community is treated like down-trodden. Dramatically, She thus cuts her palm with a safety blade as per the Arabian-Islamic necromantic procedure to call in Ghoul again.

Overall, the acting from all the actors has been top notch. The script writing was flawless by Graham. The background music is a cherry on the top as it sets the tone of the series. It is still not known whether the series would get a second season call-up but the last scene from the season one seems to be worth coming again. In short, Ghoul is a horrifying tale with a twisting plot that narrates a story magnificently deeper than the random average haunted tales.

Fun fact: The miniseries was conceived based on a dream Graham had seen. Originally meant to be the first of 3 films in a deal between three production houses, Netflix acquired the production in February 2018 after Graham felt that a longer format would be better and had it turned into a miniseries.

Rating: ★★★★/5