God has made human and it is humans who have created the religion. We, humans, have divided that one god into various religions. Although we know that God is one still our thoughts related to god and religion is absolutely different. For Punjabis their god is GurunanakJi, Muslim believe in Allah, Christian pray in front of Jesus and so on.  Is that right?

It  is a very good thing if one respects religion and believes in it,  but if we see around us there are still people who believe themselves to be different from others and keep fighting because of religion. Though we often say we belong to a modern society but still in this modern world religion continues to be the main reason for battle. So far, people have always fought in the name of religion.

God’s words

“You have called me by many names: Shiva, Krishna, Ram, Allah, Jesus… You are searching me on the Himalayas. You have adored me in various forms. Many temples and churches have been made yet you don’t know about me… you can’t see me with your eyes. My form is of divine light like shining star. You came into this worldly stage to play a part through the body but you have become lost in playing your part. You have forgotten me, yourself and lost in this “Maya world”

Why there is such misapprehension in understanding God? Yet all religion agree with the fact that God is one, almighty, everlasting. However, on the ground level, many people are awfully doubtful of the gods and religion. They believe that only their god is the “True God”.

True Meaning of Religion

The myth of religion shows us that in the beginning a religion is a means of communication between human and his creator (god) and it endures to serve its purpose so long as they are extremely advanced spiritual adepts living here to instruct men. But when the direction passes into less proficient hands, religion departs from its purpose and degenerates into simple rites and rituals. If we look from the other angle, religion may be deliberate under two headings – esoteric and exoteric. Esoteric religion deals with the spirit, soul fetching its freedom from mind and trouble, now and not in henceforth, its main aim is to rise of the soul and maintain a lifetime relationship with God. Whereas exoteric religions main motive is more at amending the form and improving the status of its followers. It vows on the observation of religious duties, singing hymns, saying ardent prayers to gratify God, in the expectation of a reward in future.

The man has a life of the spirit as his background. As the body is brightened by the presence of soul and if run-down thereof, it declines and becomes useless so likewise exoteric religion run-down of spiritual background deteriorated into prejudice, intolerance, and zeal, sectarianism, which are the foundations of all religion struggles, melancholy, and bloodshed. In spite of this intellectual progression and intense scriptural search modern man has not made progress in this field, he still finds himself in darkness and does not know where to look for the light and how to solve the puzzle.

Stop Fighting In The Name of God

The word religion comes from the root “re” meaning “back” and “ligare” meaning to blind” – the way which blinds our soul back with God. But, religion, the modern society is well-thought-out to be a matter of personal choice. Therefore, government all over the globe are doing little to generate harmony between religions which are fundamentally the image of the same God. The scientific gen of the Truth is based on the body i.e. material reality. Hence, scientific thinking can only disclose the alterations in religion, rather than the mutual truth of religion, which come only from the insight and self-realization. However, in the world of greediness, it is awfully problematic for the people to focus their mind inwards. The outcome is that people cognize religion only for the symbols and fight with each other. As soon as the whole Truth of God and Religion is understood by self-realization, the battle in the name of religion will come to an end.