*exclusively for those who have failed to qualify JEE Mains

Well I assume that during this time period of the year if some one has been assigned to calculate the expectations of the minds of youths of India (which is quite cumbersome and a kind of impossible task), he won’t be able to calculate it at any rate. If he is able to do so the stats would exceed infinity. The basis of such a comment is that it is the time of celebration of the great JEE festival.This festival is not celebrated with colours but played with hopes and expectations and talent is what fuels it. And so I said expectations will exceed the mark of infinity.

This fest which runs for only one day, demands a preparation of two years(not less if more) and this fest as it continues to be celebrated goes on deciding the fate of the young boys and girls. This is what I thought, most of are thinking but do give a second thought and try to face the reality: none but you the only owner of your fate can direct your life.

When one locks oneself with nothing but only books, when one spends money like water, when I one tells to his mother over phone “Maa send some money, I have to buy some books”, and gets the reply”…….somehow I will mange it”. This is the feeling of good part but this feeling of guilt when you have assured your parents with lies that you are studying just keeping this back thought in your mind when time comes you will show them. And when the time actually comes you are nothing but another loser. When all this happens hopes are to be broken, teardrops are to come out but the film doesn’t end here. I consider it to be intermission. A better part awaits after the interval.

During this period of your life there you are to be influenced by bad comments more than good. If you are weak minded you are to seriously feel you are living the hell of your life. But stop!!!! Keep faith on yourself, work hard be determined I am sure you can make out heaven of this hell. This world searches not for marks but for real talent. Inculcate this within you and success will bow at your feet.

And like Shahrukh Khan said “Picture abhi baki hai meri dost……”